Contributed photo Morgan Creek Elementary students participate in Laps 4 Lungs, organized by legally blind runner Shoshana Litvack.

Another Laps 4 Lungs success

Legally blind runner continues last year’s campaign

Shoshana Litvack is at it again.

The legally blind runner is following a framework laid out last year that helped her collect more than $9,000 for the BC Lung Association.

For the duration of 2016, she pledged to place $1 in a jar every day she completed a five-kilometre run.

This year she’s doing the same, but is allowing herself to replace running with any type of cardio exercise.

To boost her fundraising efforts, Litvack introduced a Laps 4 Lungs spring fundraiser to her son’s school, Morgan Creek Elementary.

The event returned last week and although Litvack is still waiting for the last few pledges to come in, she expects the May 10 event to have raised more than $3,000.

“The kids really got behind the event, and once again, owned it in a really meaningful way.

“They learned lots about health/fitness and community participation. They were super proud of their accomplishments, both on and off the track,” Litvack emailed to Peace Arch News.


Morgan Creek Elementary students listen to Shoshana Litvack speak at the Laps 4 Lungs, an event organized by Litvack. Contributed photo

Morgan Creek Elementary students get a dose of exercise for the Laps 4 Lungs event. Contributed photo

Morgan Creek Elementary students collect money by running laps for the Laps 4 Lungs fundraiser. Contributed photo