EDITORIAL: The value of dissent

Through Surrey’s handling of Hawthorne Park, we learn what at least one official thinks of petitions

  • Aug 15th, 2017

Debate of national anthem lyrics is ‘moot’

Making the lyrics more inclusive does not reject tradition, but respects it

EDITORIAL: Don’t be duped by bogus bills

Pay attention to your bills. If you don’t, you might pay out more hard-earned money than you should

  • Aug 8th, 2017

EDITORIAL: Parkade case still to be made

The City of White Rock’s reaction to common-sense advice still leaves taxpayers in the dark

  • Aug 4th, 2017

Heavy lifting ahead for BC Liberals

As the BC Liberals move into the unfamiliar confines of opposition, they’ll have to choose who best will lead them

Snowbirds over White Rock


    Groundbreaking heralds new PAH project


      Emergency Response Team on scene in South Surrey


        IHIT discusses South Surrey investigation


          OUR VIEW: Daunting task ahead for Surrey’s defenders of Hawthorne Park

          Surrey residents’ campaign to protect Hawthorne Park from city council’s plan to run a road through it presents yet another case study in what democracy is all about.

          • Jul 25th, 2017

          EDITORIAL: The weight of justice delayed

          Years-long wait takes toll

          • Jul 20th, 2017

          SIMPSON: Canadians rally for wildfire victims

          It’s encouraging to see the province – and nation – come together for the thousands affected

          EDITORIAL: Too long a wait for safer travels

          For safety’s sake, changes should come quicker

          • Jul 6th, 2017

          EDITORIAL: Civic pride is our responsibility

          We all bear some responsibility for the appearance of our home community

          EDITORIAL: Reaffirming our Canadian identity

          A historic reminder of what it means to be Canadian

          • Jun 29th, 2017

          OUR VIEW: Stalking coyote a symptom of fallen forests in Surrey

          With so much natural habitat lost to development in our city, increasing encounters with wildlife should come as no surprise.

          • Jun 29th, 2017

          EDITORIAL: Reaffirming our Canadian identity

          A historic reminder of what it means to be Canadian

          • Jun 29th, 2017

          Liberal gamesmanship carries risks

          The BC Liberal Party could find itself alienating the support that has kept it in power for 16 years.

          EDITORIAL: Liberal about-face suggests another election looms

          All eyes are on the legislature as the BC Liberals attempt to govern with a minority government

          • Jun 22nd, 2017

          EDITORIAL: Uncertainty ahead on marijuana issue

          As pot is legalized, courts must clarify impaired driving

          • Jun 15th, 2017

          EDITORIAL: Daycare relief likely not on the horizon any time soon

          Daycare relief a non-starter

          • Jun 13th, 2017

          EDITORIAL: Grad a time for all to grow

          It’s a significant milestone for students and parents alike

          • Jun 9th, 2017