Anne Murray

BY THE BAY: Benefits abound in natural world

Children had lots of questions and comments, but one, that I heard more frequently than expected, took me by surprise.

BY THE BAY: Giants of the Fraser River

White sturgeon are the largest freshwater fish in North America

BY THE BAY: Birding atlas goes online

The BC Breeding Bird Atlas is now published online

BY THE BAY: Great blue herons need tranquility to survive

Fraser delta is home to many of the long-necked birds

BY THE BAY: Heritage plants need our attention to survive

Invasive species often dominate local landscapes, writes Anne Murray.

BY THE BAY: Eagle spottings on the rise in region

Bird counts show steady increase of bald eagles around Fraser Valley.

BY THE BAY: A tradition of holly and ivy

Nature has many holiday connections, including with these two staples.

BY THE BAY: Humpback whales making comeback

Population on rebound, decades after being nearly wiped out, writes columnist Anne Murray.

BY THE BAY: The multi-faceted value of trees

Health, history among many benefits of forests throughout community.

BY THE BAY: Finding nesting sites can be a challenge for birds

With natural landscapes disappearing from the Lower Mainland, finding a good nesting site can be challenging.

BY THE BAY: Birds bound for Alaska

The Boundary Bay region is a major stopover for flocks of sandpipers and other birds winging their way north

BY THE BAY: Disturbance of hibernating snakes ‘unfortunate’

Den of hundreds of garter snakes found in Boundary Bay dyke

BY THE BAY: Arctic-nesting Black Brant winter in the bay

Several thousand Brant visit the Fraser estuary annually and many stay the winter.

A wake-up call from nature

Study finds that species nearing extinction due to humans

BY THE BAY: Sockeye salmon may be in danger

Once again sockeye salmon are heading through the Strait of Georgia and into the Fraser, on the way to spawning grounds.

COLUMN: Nature needs champions

With loss of habitat, pesticide poisoning, and competition from introduced species, rarer species disappear.

BY THE BAY: A great place to be outdoors

Canada is a tremendous country for outdoor recreation and we can choose among myriad possibilities.

BY THE BAY: A vulnerable time of year for birds

Peninsula birds are busy in springtime, and their habitats are delicate, writes columnist Anne Murray

BY THE BAY: ‘Rewilding’ movement takes shape

Can we bring nature back? That question is being pondered in a new exhibit,Rewilding Vancouver: Remember, Reconnect, Rewild.

BY THE BAY: Celebrate heritage by looking beneath the surface

The theme of Heritage Week in B.C. is ‘Heritage Afloat'

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