Anne Murray

BY THE BAY: Swans a-swimming in Fraser delta

Many species of waterfowl call Lower Mainland home in winter

BY THE BAY: Fall is dangerous for birds

Cats and windows are among the threats songbirds face in the fall season.

BY THE BAY: Peninsula mud flats are important habitats

Lower Mainland marshes are home to various forms of wildlife

BY THE BAY: A walk in Watershed Park

Delta's Watershed Park is a perfect place to spend a summer's day in the Lower Mainland.

BY THE BAY: A look at the Fraser River plume

As the river water flows into the salty waters of the Georgia Strait, it forms an unusual ecosystem: the Fraser river plume.

BY THE BAY: Birds around the globe are on the move

Some species travelling up to 30,000 kilometres world wide

BY THE BAY: Breeding season for herons

Great blue herons' bills turn bright orange and they build stick nests crazily high up this time of year.

BY THE BAY: Listening to the roar of the Salish Sea

Water between the mainland and Gulf Islands is bustling with life

BY THE BAY: Exploring the secret lives of small mammals

Columnist Anne Murray explains the differences between moles and voles

BY THE BAY: Boundary Bay’s salt marshes overlooked

Boundary Bay eco-system is full of life, but often an afterthought, writes PAN columnist Anne Murray

BY THE BAY: Winter care for feathered friends

With care, you can have a garden full of birds to watch all winter.

BY THE BAY – Land of fire and ice

The 3,286-m peak of Mount Baker is an active volcano that formed when eruptions disgorged flows of andesitic lava.

BY THE BAY: Life-cycle approach to bird-migration science

Conservation efforts must be made for declining populations

Province’s heritage trees worth protecting

B.C.'s trees are at risk of being cut down for development.

BY THE BAY: Birdlife is our responsibility

The Semiahmoo Peninsula is home to a slew of bird species.

BY THE BAY: Whales on the move this month

April is migration month and wildlife – especially whales – are on the move, says PAN columnist Anne Murray.

Winter visitors arriving in Lower Mainland

Winter is fast approaching and with the seasonal change come some new visitors from the north.

Fraser Delta a migration magnet

Birders flocked to BC Nature conference, hosted by Delta Naturalists' Society

Admiring area’s feathered flocks in flight

Semiahmoo Peninsula home to birds both big and small

A slow summer walk at Blackie Spit Park

If you go too fast, it is easy to overlook the abundance of interesting plants, birds and other wildlife found in local parks. Blackie Spit at Crescent Beach, South Surrey, is a great place for summer idling.