April Lewis

ZOOMERS: Much ado about nothingness

Filling a 650-word column proves to be a difficult task

PENINSULA ZOOMERS: Every woman has a story

Peace Arch News columnist April Lewis recounts conversations she's had, and people she's met, on recent road trip.

PENINSULA ZOOMERS: You can go home again

Peace Arch News columnist April Lewis searches childhood stomping grounds in Calgary.

PENINSULA ZOOMERS: Paper chase gets a spiritual French twist

Columnist April Lewis shares her brief foray into petty thievery

PENINSULA ZOOMERS: Loving relationship can be a matter of taste

Eat healthy, but never deny yourself the food you love, writes columnist April Lewis

ZOOMERS: Keys to aging gracefully

Exercise, nutrition and social engagement secrets to long life

PENINSULA ZOOMERS: Last wishes and other rights

Peace Arch News columnist April Lewis writes about her experience seeing death – and all that comes with it – up close.

PENINSULA ZOOMERS: Imperfect profiles leave love behind

Peace Arch News columnist April Lewis takes a stab at writing the perfect – well, perfectly accurate – dating profile for Valentine's Day

PENINSULA ZOOMERS: An ode to the joy of music

PAN columnist April Lewis has always had an appreciation for music, from classical and opera to Leonard Cohen.

No expiration on inspiration

Columnist April Lewis writes about aging and death

ZOOMERS: The devolution of English

Technology has changed the language in many ways, writes columnist April Lewis

ZOOMERS: Time to step it up, fellas

A good dancing partner is hard to find, writes April Lewis

ZOOMERS: Visitor flutters in from past

My mother thinks I am losing my mind. You see, I talk to butterflies.

ZOOMERS: Pieces of the past tell story

The history of objects or possessions is about storytelling or the story of legacy.

ZOOMERS: Gone – thankfully – is the winter of our discontent

Peace Arch News columnist April Lewis welcomes the arrival of spring

ZOOMERS: Bless this grand biological clock

It is the first sunny spring day in Vancouver, and I am lazily sipping my mojito at a trendy restaurant on the Drive…

ZOOMERS: Housewives of White Rock

CARP's April Lewis proposes a spinoff of the popular reality series.

ZOOMERS: The joys of cruising along

Columnist April Lewis shares her experience on a Caribbean cruise

ZOOMERS: Putting some extra thought into the Christmas list

Columnist April Lewis says she has everything she needs, but asks Santa to help with a few wishes.

ZOOMERS: A blip in our quest for perfection

April Lewis delves into the human need for perfection