EDITORIAL: Easing the burden on hospital ERs

Using hospital emergency rooms wisely will help ease wait-times for those who need urgent care.

EDITORIAL: Offensiveness of convenience

Opinions on stripper-pole remark should not vary depending on likability, party affiliation or political spin.

EDITORIAL: City of White Rock, Semiahmoo First Nation need to resolve differences

A lack of communication a result of growing acrimony between the two governments.

EDITORIAL: Housing needs more than talk

Affordable housing remains an issue in Surrey and White Rock, despite cities addressing it with words and plans.

EDITORIAL: Challenges of urbanization

White Rock is evolving into an increasingly urbanized environment, and with that comes challenges

EDITORIAL: Politics of distraction

There are so many avenues now for an information overload that can beguile us from what is important in our own lives

EDITORIAL: White Rock needs to overcome identity crisis

White Rock needs to develop a strategy to avoid becoming a 'generic city.'

EDITORIAL: Pursuit of justice

While the law is often criticized as too slow or too lenient, we can only hope that, ultimately, justice will be served

EDITORIAL: Ethics shouldn’t be a grey area

People should not have to dole out large amounts of cash to have access to our country’s politicians.

EDITORIAL: Divisive rhetoric affects us all

The divide-and-conquer strategy of President Trump is being felt everywhere, and prompted protests.

EDITORIAL: Are we really ready for our close-up?

An influx of film-industry interest would be a boom for White Rock, but potential shooting locations need to be preserved.

Residents escape fire that destroys house

Ten people left homeless after Saturday morning blaze in North Surrey.

EDITORIAL: Positive impacts come in waves

South Surrey crossing guard Eric Saide proved what a difference a smile, a wave – and a watchful eye – can make

EDITORIAL: Assessing market price proves taxing

Just two weeks into 2017, and it’s already been quite a year for B.C. homeowners, thanks to the latest property assessments

EDITORIAL: Inspiring effort by Shoshana Litvack

The South Surrey mother of two proved that determination is at the root of making a difference.

EDITORIAL: Are we worth our salt?

With snow and ice on the roads – and more expected this week - it's important to be prepared and courteous to our fellow residents.

EDITORIAL: Resolving to be a better city

To the usual New Year’s resolutions come a handful more for people across the city.

EDITORIAL: Delve deeper into drug issue

Finding solutions to the currently drug epidemic requires empathy, sympathy.

Drone captures epic hockey game

The recent cold snap allowed for a perfect outdoor B.C. hockey game.

EDITORIAL: Goodwill transcends

No matter how you celebrate the season, a message of goodwill is the key ingredient.