Frank Bucholtz

COLUMN: Time for a referendum on Surrey policing transition

Six Surrey NDP MLAs should urge Farnworth to change his mind

B.C. VIEWS: An engine that hums right along

First Nations are leading a new surge of investment in B.C.

COLUMN: Surrey councillors’ non-residence a serious concern

Draft budget’s singular focus makes Surrey council members’ home address relevant

B.C. VIEWS: Regulating fuel prices not a new idea

Fuel prices seem to remain stubbornly high in many places of B.C.

COLUMN: Community leaders make Surrey a better place to live

A city like Surrey, which is fast-growing, diverse and in a constant…

B.C. VIEWS: Transportation options can be few

Frank Bucholtz is a columnist and former editor with Black Press Media

COLUMN: It takes more than transit to build a city

Announcement of transit funds for Surrey is a good start but more needs to be done.

COLUMN: Urban forest commitment less than wholehearted

Surrey residents are raising concerns about further intrusions on the Green Timbers urban forest

COLUMN: School construction must be next step

After a 15-year battle between the province and teachers, the next step needs to be adding classroom space for students.

COLUMN: Time to talk tolls should be now

The best time to apply pressure to any government is just before an election ­– not afterwards, writes columnist Frank Bucholtz

COLUMN: Broken Liberal promise will have lasting effect

Federal Liberals promised electoral reform during the last election campaign.

COLUMN: Education funding for Surrey is long overdue

Education Minister Mike Bernier’s announcement that $217 million has been earmarked for Surrey school construction projects is welcome.

COLUMN: Pre-election posturing

Tolls, bridge crowding and time spent commuting are major issues going into the spring provincial election.

COLUMN: 60-year-old perk may impact election

The homeowner grant was first introduced by premier W.A.C. Bennnett in 1957.

COLUMN: Sledge of gifts for newsmakers

Peace Arch News columnist Frank Bucholtz hands out some end-of-year gifts for local politicians.

COLUMN: Surge of politics in Surrey pipeline

The decision by the federal Liberals to twin the Kinder Morgan oil pipeline has prompted criticism, especially in B.C.

COLUMN: We’re caught in a loop of transit shortcomings

Improved transit south-of-the-Fraser has always been an issue, and it may not be one going away anytime soon.

COLUMN: Crime in Surrey by the numbers

Despite a gang war that continues throughout the province, Surrey's violent crime numbers are down this year.

COLUMN: No reason White Rock can’t thrive year-round

Plenty of food for thought when it comes to finding solutions to Marine Drive restuarants' issues.

COLUMN: More help needed for Surrey’s ‘working poor’

Surrey's call for a poverty-reduction plan needs to be heeded by the province.

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