Frank Bucholtz

COLUMN: Developing a city beyond its past

There is no better example of what White Rock once was than the homes and vintage apartment building in West Beach.

COLUMN: Long past time to learn why man died

Lengthy delay in Hudson Brooks shooting case, and others, is simply unacceptable, writes columnist Frank Bucholtz.

COLUMN: Spirit of Charlie’s Tree should be preserved

City of Surrey should make concrete plans to honour veterans with an accessible memorial somewhere near the site Charlie's Tree.

COLUMN: Tackling housing challenges is long overdue

The province's introduction of a 15 per cent foreign-buyers tax on real estate should help cool the market, writes Frank Bucholtz.

COLUMN: Surrey needs to put pressure on province

The City of Surrey has more clout than it realizes in the year leading up to the provincial election, writes Frank Bucholtz.

COLUMN: It took a tragedy to improve response

The issue of ambulance response times has once again been pushed to the forefront, writes columnist Frank Bucholtz.

COLUMN: Ownership more dream than reality

BC Government has 'bold plans' for housing affordability, but it's not likely to have much of an effect.

COLUMN: No justice in broken promise

The cancellation of a long-proposed community court for Surrey will not help the city's crime problem.

COLUMN: Toll policy already clear – make South of Fraser pay

New interchange at Alex Fraser Bridge will cut congestion, but many critical issues remain.

COLUMN: Residents always quick to rally for neighbours

Sunday's fire in White Rock was the latest in a number of blazes in the city, dating back years, but residents have always pulled through.

COLUMN: More than just a drop in the bucket

Water conservation should be a fundamental objective of any government and community, writes columnist Frank Bucholtz.

COLUMN: High time to police Surrey’s traffic cams

Surrey’s drive-by shooting epidemic is getting attention at the highest level in Victoria.

COLUMN: Surrey shootings out of control

Surrey RCMP have now been called to 31 shots-fired incidents in 2016.

COLUMN: Transit pledge a welcome development

For Surrey and White Rock residents, the best news to come from the federal budget is pledge to cover 50 per cent of transit project costs

COLUMN: Fumbling toll issue may cost BC Liberals

BC Liberals are risking a substantial loss of support with a continued do-nothing approach to bridge tolling.

COLUMN: Surrey on road to preserving heritage

News that the city is putting effort into road names – with an eye on preserving heritage – is welcome, writes columnist Frank Bucholtz.

COLUMN: Transit investment sorely needed in Surrey

Surrey is one of Canada's fastest-growing cities, but needs transit infrastructure to match.

COLUMN: Homelessness needs local focus

Surrey needs to devote resources to affordable rental housing if homeless problem is to be fixed.

Column: The struggle is part of the process

An interesting debate sprang up online last week.It was spurred by a…

COLUMN: Bed shift no remedy for hospitals cuts

In a health region whose population is growing faster than any other in the province this makes absolutely no sense.

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