Frank Bucholtz

COLUMN: At last, a response to our call for help

A total of eight new ambulances are being added, and 34 paramedics are being hired, in Surrey and Delta.

COLUMN: Hepner catches break on transit timing

There’s a good chance Mayor Linda Hepner’s promise of light rapid-transit coming to Surrey will be fulfilled.

COLUMN: Capital ideas needed for all-but-ignored district

A funding commitment by the province is long overdue for Surrey.

COLUMN: Surrey wades into pipeline debate

City tells National Energy Board hearing of concerns over taxpayer costs, proposed route of twinned line.

COLUMN: Building on a sense of community

In a place as large as Surrey, it's been a long time since a sense of community enveloped the entire city.

COLUMN: Building continues, but uncertainty loom

A number of concerns may put a wrench in Surrey's building progress this year, writes PAN columnist Frank Bucholtz.

COLUMN: Housing prices rise – but taxes will, too

The value of homes in Surrey and the surrounding region continues to rise.

COLUMN: Year of debate lies ahead in ‘16

When it comes to growth, the year ahead will be a pivotal one in Surrey, Delta and White Rock.

COLUMN: Equitable toll policy must come to pass

Decision to toll proposed Deas Island bridge another excellent of hypocritical tolling policy, writes Frank Bucholtz.

COLUMN: Bennett’s legacy still felt throughout Surrey

Former premier help lead B.C. into the modern era, and was responsible for many significant changes in Surrey, White Rock and Delta.

COLUMN: Tax-boost excuse a bit rich

Surrey council must be watched closely, writes PAN columnist Frank Bucholtz.

COLUMN: Sikh community steps up to help refugees

Surrey residents join together to provide support for thousands of refugees expected to arrive in city soon.

COLUMN: More students, more classes

Influx of refugees will cause school district to look closer for solutions

COLUMN: Celebrating a land of stability

We’ve thought about sacrifices made by veterans this week, and we should be grateful for their legacy to us – in war and in peace.

COLUMN: The end of the free ride

Bridge tolls, taxes seem inevitable solutions to traffic congestion

Column: Converted by all the Halloween hype

I’ve been accused of being a Boo-Humbug.A Halloween hater.A scare Scrooge.And, if…

COLUMN: A lineup of new faces

Critical role likely for MP-elect Dianne Watts in Conservative opposition.

COLUMN: Tighter race than predicted

Federal election expected to be as closely contested as ever.

COLUMN: When a candidate’s dreams go up in smoke…

Up-and-down week for federal Liberals, as South Surrey-White Rock candidate Joy Davies is replaced by Judy Higginbotham.

COLUMN: Not just puppets on string

The Federal election campaign is really heating up, and voters should do their best to be as informed as possible.

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