Frank Bucholtz

COLUMN: Political shifts in Surrey keep candidates moving

Surrey's representation in the provincial legislature will change significantly after the next election.

COLUMN: Semiahmoo First Nation water threat unwarranted

The federal government needs to show leadership and undertake constitutional obligations to supply the needs of First Nations people.

COLUMN: City support of farming a ‘win-win’ situation

Initiative to promote Surrey agriculture is a good idea, writes columnist Frank Bucholtz.

COLUMN: Surrey needs solution for RV park residents

A development proposal in South Surrey brings up many important questions requiring answers, writes Frank Bucholtz.

COLUMN: Losing track of our homeless population

Cities on their own don't have the resources to address the issue, writes columnist Frank Bucholtz

White Rock's Elm Street is home to some of the city's oldest houses.

COLUMN: Developing a city beyond its past

There is no better example of what White Rock once was than the homes and vintage apartment building in West Beach.

White Rock's Elm Street is home to some of the city's oldest houses.

COLUMN: Long past time to learn why man died

Lengthy delay in Hudson Brooks shooting case, and others, is simply unacceptable, writes columnist Frank Bucholtz.

Charlie's Tree – located alongside Highway 1 in Port Kells – fell last month.

COLUMN: Spirit of Charlie’s Tree should be preserved

City of Surrey should make concrete plans to honour veterans with an accessible memorial somewhere near the site Charlie's Tree.

Charlie's Tree – located alongside Highway 1 in Port Kells – fell last month.

COLUMN: Tackling housing challenges is long overdue

The province's introduction of a 15 per cent foreign-buyers tax on real estate should help cool the market, writes Frank Bucholtz.

COLUMN: Surrey needs to put pressure on province

The City of Surrey has more clout than it realizes in the year leading up to the provincial election, writes Frank Bucholtz.

COLUMN: It took a tragedy to improve response

The issue of ambulance response times has once again been pushed to the forefront, writes columnist Frank Bucholtz.

COLUMN: Ownership more dream than reality

BC Government has 'bold plans' for housing affordability, but it's not likely to have much of an effect.

COLUMN: No justice in broken promise

The cancellation of a long-proposed community court for Surrey will not help the city's crime problem.

COLUMN: Toll policy already clear – make South of Fraser pay

New interchange at Alex Fraser Bridge will cut congestion, but many critical issues remain.

COLUMN: Residents always quick to rally for neighbours

Sunday's fire in White Rock was the latest in a number of blazes in the city, dating back years, but residents have always pulled through.

COLUMN: More than just a drop in the bucket

Water conservation should be a fundamental objective of any government and community, writes columnist Frank Bucholtz.

COLUMN: High time to police Surrey’s traffic cams

Surrey’s drive-by shooting epidemic is getting attention at the highest level in Victoria.

COLUMN: Surrey shootings out of control

Surrey RCMP have now been called to 31 shots-fired incidents in 2016.

COLUMN: Transit pledge a welcome development

For Surrey and White Rock residents, the best news to come from the federal budget is pledge to cover 50 per cent of transit project costs

COLUMN: Fumbling toll issue may cost BC Liberals

BC Liberals are risking a substantial loss of support with a continued do-nothing approach to bridge tolling.