Frank Bucholtz

COLUMN: Death puts spotlight on increased gun violence

The tragic death of 22-year-old Arun Bains has moved discussion of Surrey's violence problem to a new level.

COLUMN: International visit makes history

Surrey is on the international map this week, as the Laxmi Narayan Hindu Temple hosted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

COLUMN: Surrey’s finally on board for funding police

Surrey RCMP has received 34 cadets from the RCMP training facility in Regina, with 100 more still to come.

COLUMN: Under-represented by design in Surrey

From a population perspective, Surrey is currently under-represented in the provincial legislature.

Scott Anderson is running for the Green Party in the new Cloverdale-Langley City federal riding.

Scott Anderson named Green candidate in Cloverdale-Langley City

The latest candidate in the new riding is Scott Anderson, a 44-year-old businessman with feet in both the Surrey and Langley.

Scott Anderson is running for the Green Party in the new Cloverdale-Langley City federal riding.

COLUMN: No better off a century later

There is much heat over the plebiscite question, which now before voters.

COLUMN: Mixed messages in transit plebiscite

Politicians on the 'yes' side of the debate have been both in favour of, and against, bridge tolls, writes Frank Bucholtz.

COLUMN: A piece of history lost in a flash

A fire destroyed an historic part of White Rock's waterfront Tuesday, writes columnist Frank Bucholtz.

Mike Buda

Reasons to vote ‘yes’ outlined in Langley

A forum Wednesday night featured speakers and information from the 'yes' campaign on the transportation and transit referendum.

Mike Buda

COLUMN: We’re on our own with mail theft

Community mail boxes are being broken into, or in some cases, removed entirely, from neighbourhoods in Surrey and other communities.

COLUMN: It makes sense to follow the money

Never before has there been such an expensive election campaign in Surrey

COLUMN: Taxing situation for ‘yes’ side here

Transit-referendum momentum, at present, seems to be in favour of 'no'

COLUMN: Crime still a major concern

Statistics show improvement, but work still to be done in Surrey

COLUMN: Threats from within Canada

Terrorism is on the front burner in this country, writes columnist Frank Bucholtz

COLUMN: One man can make history

Former fire chief Al Cleaver remembered for his impact on Surrey

COLUMN: City targets Green Timbers trees

Urban forest park overwhelmingly approved by voters in 1988

COLUMN: Transit gets ’em talking

Yes/no vote on TransLink tax increase divides communities

COLUMN: Crime problems outpace solutions

Seniors governments leave Surrey wanting, writes PAN columnist Frank Bucholtz

COLUMN: Surrey council’s term starts with trust deficit

Surrey politicians left critical information off platform

COLUMN: Surrey leads while others fume

City selects company to create biofuels processing facility