Milestones Restaurant in Southpoint will host a fundraiser for Semiahmoo House Foundation. (Contributed photo)

Milestones Restaurant in Southpoint will host a fundraiser for Semiahmoo House Foundation. (Contributed photo)

Fundraiser set for Semiahmoo House Foundation

Milestones encourages other businesses to do more for the community

To raise awareness for a cause near Milestones general manager Patrick Wang’s heart, the Southpoint restaurant will be raising funds next week for the Semiahmoo House Foundation.

Wang’s 10-year-old son, Ethan, was born developmentally delayed.

“What he has is an extra chromosome on one of his genes. We had to have his blood tested back nine years ago when we were trying to figure out what was wrong,” Wang, who has been a general manager of the Southpoint location since it opened its doors in January 2004, told Peace Arch News Tuesday.

After receiving the results, Wang said he was told that there was no other person with this defect on record.

“Once we found out the diagnoses, it didn’t change anything to us. At the end of the day, we knew that he was always going to be behind about five years.”

About 10 years ago, Milestones first made contact with Semiahmoo House Foundation after the foundation requested that Milestones participate in the Taste of BC’s Finest event.

“It didn’t click for us yet, but what I saw them doing for the people that go and use the foundation and the beautiful office they have (at 15306 24 Ave.)… was really inspiring,” Wang said.

Milestones has fostered its relationship with Semiahmoo House Foundation by participating in various events with the chairty for the past decade.

Another notch in the relationship will be a fundraiser Milestones is hosting for the foundation at Milestones’ “grand opening” Sept. 7.

The restaurant is celebrating a $700,000 renovation.

Milestones community relations manager Jaivin Khatri said the company “gutted the entire building, left four walls and started over. It’s a drastic change.”

At the event, the restaurant will feature live music on the patio and will be fundraising through a silence auction, prize draws and 50/50 raffle.

In the last six years, Milestones has raised more than $145,000 for more than 25 different non-profits in the Lower Mainland.

Khatri says the company asks for nothing in return, but “the hope is,” is that guests struck by the philanthropic move may think of Milestones when they go out for a birthday or anniversary dinner.

“I encourage other businesses to please get out there and do these things. If more organizations, if more businesses can start getting involved in the community, helping out where they can with their resources, we’re going to be so much better off,” Khatri said. “We’re just one organization and we have impacted over 25 non profits in raising funds. If you multiple that by, for example, all of the restaurant brands in the Lower Mainland… Think of the ripple effect that would have on the various communities in the Lower Mainland.”

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