Paige Glazier

Paige Glazier

Team Orange to read new children’s book

Social behaviour group Team Orange will be reading their new book, The True Princess at the Grandview Indigo

The social-behaviour campaign Team Orange will be reading from the group’s new children’s book, The True Princesses, at the Grandview Indigo store this morning (Wednesday).

Co-written by Team Orange’s South Surrey founder Paige Glazier and friend Caitlin Jones, a children’s literature student at UBC, and illustrated by Gabriella Galvez, a graduate of Emily Carr University of Art and Design, the story aims to teach young children about the importance of inclusion, loyalty and respect for one another.

The idea for writing the book came from Glazier’s school presentations as part of Team Orange, where she aims to build positive behaviour and work to address bullying “at the root cause.”

“I wanted something that would be additional to those presentations that I wanted to leave behind… so I thought, ‘what better than a children’s book that the parents and the kids can read together, and at the end of the book they can answer questions about the story,’” Glazier told Peace Arch News Monday.

The story is about a young princess named Paige who is being bullied by the other princesses at her school. The story ends with Paige standing up to her bullies, with the other kids at her school standing alongside her, making the bullies see the error in their ways.

The back of the book includes some questions to ask the children after reading.

Glazier started Team Orange in 2013, after wanting to make something positive out of the negative experiences she had as a result of bullying.

Since then, she has received recognition for her work, in 2015 being celebrated in Surrey’s Top 25 Under 25 Awards, as well as being listed in Real Leaders Magazine’s “100 Visionary Leaders (30 and under),” in 2016.

What Glazier wanted to get across with the book is that, “kindness is definitely the most important thing out there, and having healthy relationships with relationships with one another.”

In regards to the book reading, Glazier said, “I’m really excited but I’m super nervous.”

The book was funded by members of the community, through the website GoFundMe.

“I would just like to say a big thank you to the community who supported the project, and as well as Luisa Hough for helping sponsor and covering the rest (of the cost).”

The book reading will be from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and the address of the store is 2453 161a St #10.