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ALEX HOUSE: Neighbourhood Fun Night scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 18

Low-cost, picnic-style meal, music, a door prize, and activities for kids planned

As we look forward (hopefully) to entering Phase 4, Alex House is being assisted by two talented and energetic summer staff who are helping develop and expand engagement programs to meet the evolving needs of our community. I want to introduce you to the first, Food Literacy Assistant Lynn Tung.

Lynn has been canvassing patrons of our COVID-responsive emergency food project, SOX BOX, operated with support of United Way of the Lower Mainland. From their responses, she is creating nutritional information and recipe inserts for the hampers. SOX BOX continues to thrive thanks in part to the wonderful volunteers at our Alexandra and Crescent Park Community Gardens.

Project staff and volunteers have received spinach, beets, carrots, kale, beans, peas, and other delicious vegetables. Not only are they part of a healthy diet, but they are also grown locally, organically, and so fresh that patrons get them the same day they are harvested.

Lynn is also implementing food literacy workshops for children enrolled in preschool at our Crescent Beach location. With her background in nutrition, Lynn knows the importance of developing a healthy relationship with food at a young age.

This means appreciating variety, comfort in the kitchen, and learning about where food comes from. The job of determining what to eat falls ultimately falls upon parents and caregivers. Knowing what is healthy, and nurturing in children a desire for healthy options can be challenging, and a source of anxiety. Lynn will be developing resources to help our childcare parents with this.

Finally, Lynn will be offering lifeskills training at the Youth Space, a free, safe, inclusive space for youth ages 13 to 24. Until the end of August, Lynn will be there every Thursday during from noon to 7 p.m. She provides information and support on healthy eating, meal planning, and other food-related topics; including cooking demos. For more information on the Youth Space, check out

As we move cautiously toward in-person gathering, Alexandra Neighbourhood House will be hosting a Neighbourhood Fun Night on Wednesday, Aug. 18 from 5 to 7 p.m., where you’ll have a chance to meet Lynn and other staff and volunteers at Alex House. There will be a low-cost, picnic-style meal ($7, $3 for kids under 13), music, a door prize, and activities for kids.

Alex House is recruiting volunteers for the upcoming fall. We would like people who are interested in leading activities and sharing their skills with the community. For example, you can do a health and wellness activity, or an art activity. Up to you! For more information, please contact Neil Fernyhough at

With thanks to Lynn Tung, Alexandra Neighbourhood House Food Literacy Assistant.

Neil Fernyhough is manager of Alexandra Neighbourhood House’s community programs. For information on programs/services at Camp Alexandra, call 604-535-0015 or go to