COLUMN: Exhibition explores ‘Our Common Future’

COLUMN: Exhibition explores ‘Our Common Future’

Neighbourhood Fun Nights return this summer

This year’s Alexandra Festival hosted a very unique and important exhibition of visual, performing, and literary arts. Taking its name from the landmark 1987 UN report which first detailed the risk of greenhouse gas accumulation on the Earth’s climate, we called the festival, “Our Common Future.”

With increasingly alarming news reports about the accelerating effects of chronic inaction on the crisis, that title has taken on a more ominous tone.

Nonetheless, the message of the exhibition was one of hope – professing the belief that human-made problems have human-made solutions; even ones requiring wholesale institutional and systemic change.

When we begin treating the planet we inhabit as an ecosystem rather than a commodity, our common future will be very different indeed.

Fifteen exhibitors – the youngest just 15 years old – told the story of the climate crisis and environmental sustainability in canvas, song, dance, and story.

Although rain visited the festival this year, reducing attendance, the folks who came were moved by the quality and message of the art.

We’re looking at the possibility of reprising the exhibition to coincide with the “Earth Strike” in September demanding global mobilization on climate change. If you are a visual, literary, or performing artist interested in participating, contact me at

For the time being, you can enjoy a selection of the visual pieces on display at the White Rock Community Centre through the month of June.


With the coming of summer, we are gearing up for another season of Neighbourhood Fun Nights at Alexandra Neighbourhood House. On Wednesdays from 5-7 p.m. through the months of July and August, we will feature a low-cost, home-cooked, picnic-style dinner in our Centennial Plaza.

Relax and enjoy music while the kids play in the supervised bouncy castle or on the lawn with our many games and other activities.

We continue to search for young musicians under 18 who would like to perform at our Neighbourhood Fun Nights, in exchange for a modest honorarium. Let me know if you’re interested.

We have day camps available throughout the summer for school-aged children.

With all the beauty and wonder of Crescent Beach to explore, weekly field trips, and lots of opportunities for explorative play, arts, and crafts; it is an ideal setting to enjoy summer fun.

We also will be running a program for youth ages 14-18 called “Counsellors-in-Training.”

This is an opportunity to get hands-on volunteer experience as a camp counsellor. If you’re interested in day camps, or in the CIT program, call us at 604-535-0015.

Neil Fernyhough is manager of Alexandra Neighbourhood House’s community programs. For information on programs/services at Camp Alexandra, call 604-535-0015 or go to