South Surrey residents Jack and Julie Wadsworth were married in a hot-air balloon 2

South Surrey residents Jack and Julie Wadsworth were married in a hot-air balloon 2

Couple exchanges vows in hot-air balloon

Bride and groom marry three times in five months, twice in one day

While it’s not unusual for people to marry more than once, Jack and Julie Wadsworth have the unique distinction of being married three times – to each other.

Their vow exchanges are even more unusual considering they were all made within five months, and one was held 2,000 feet above the ground.

The South Surrey couple was first married in January – more than a year after meeting through Jack’s friend – in a small ceremony at a private home.

“We really hadn’t treated it in our minds as the social occasion that it should be,” Jack said.

The newlyweds – both of whom had been married before – decided to make a public declaration of their union with another wedding their friends could attend.

Jack was determined to “do it in some unique style so we’ll never forget about when it was and where it was.”

“We chose the hot air (balloon) because we really thought that really would be unique,” he said. “I was trying to think of unusual venues and this one just flashed into mind.”

Julie – a mother of three who moved to Canada from the Philippines four years ago – agreed to the idea, despite never having been in a hot-air balloon before.

“Julie’s the type of person that the unusual and interesting fascinates her immediately,” Jack said.

With a party of eight that included a minister, the two said ‘I do’ after taking off from the Fort Langley area early June 26.

“With the burner off, it’s utter tranquility,” Jack said of the experience.

“It is a unique sensation in itself and you can hear the noises from the ground. We’re about 2,000-2,500 feet, and we can clearly hear dogs barking.”

To include other friends and relatives in their celebration, the Wadsworths exchanged the white jeans they wore on the hot-air balloon for more formal attire, and renewed their vows yet again in a subsequent ceremony and reception at White Rock Community Centre.

The couple requested donations to the Fraser Valley Seventh-Day Adventist Church in lieu of gifts, and raised $1,400 towards the construction of a new church.

While Jack admits he’s not sure when they’ll celebrate their anniversary, there is still a more timely occasion the couple has to consider.

They are making arrangements for a honeymoon – and they only have plans for one.