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LETTER: It’s a busy season for auxiliary volunteers

Purdy’s chocolate sale fundraiser now underway

Our Auxiliary is still keeping busy and making a difference in the hospital. Patient comfort is one way in which we do this. Volunteers rarely meet patients, but there are two ways we can help make their experience a little better.

Some people make emergency bags for patients who are unexpectedly admitted to the hospital.

These emergency bags include toothbrushes, toothpaste, a pen along with paper, a comb, an emery board, a small package of Kleenex and wet wipes.

The bags that are given to children include colouring books and crayons and the young children receive a small stuffed animal.

The volunteers make about 500 of these each year at a cost of about $5,000.

In 2019 the Auxiliary introduced another way in which to help in the community – the Caring Hearts Fund. This is an annual fund, also costing $5,000, which embraces the importance of patient-centered care.

It provides designated staff the ability to access resources for patients who need additional support to overcome barriers to their discharge and transition from the hospital to the community.

We have had a few very successful fundraisers since the COVID-19 lock-down.

The two “meat and more” sales were supported by the community and raised quite a bit of money which we can spend on much-needed hospital equipment. We thank everyone who was able to support this event.

The Les Papillions group had a picnic in the summer and raised money for the hospital by selling jellies, jams and face masks.

The Aquarius group had a chocolate sale for Thanksgiving, and a wreath sale in November. This group of energetic ladies is hoping to have a golf tournament in the spring.

On Nov. 27 the Semiahmoo group held a Grinch Tree sale in the Superfluity Shop and raised quite a bit of money.

There is a Purdy’s chocolate sale, which is in progress and expects to earn more funds for the Auxiliary. We thank everyone in the community who is supporting this event.

We thank everyone in the community who has helped in our many fundraisers – you are our heroes. Our Auxiliary thanks everyone who supports us.

Our Superfluity Shop is now open. Masks are required while shopping and we request that you bring your own bags. We are receiving donations by appointments only as we are limited by the number of staff allowed in the shop. We are striving to keep everyone safe in this time. Please contact the manager at or call 604-535-7744.

Felicity Matthews writes monthly on behalf of the Peace Arch Hospital Auxiliary.