Jazlyn Menychuk (left) and Justine Wiklo were aired on CBC.

Jazlyn Menychuk (left) and Justine Wiklo were aired on CBC.

On-air debut for Peninsula teens

Earl Marriott Secondary students produce segments for CBC

Two Earl Marriott Secondary students made their broadcasting debut earlier this month.

Grade 11 students Jazlyn Melnychuk and Justine Wiklo – both in French immersion – were chosen as youth reporters to create reports for CBC Radio’s French-speaking television show Le Téléjournal Colombie-Britannique, which aired on March 6.

The girls were chosen from dozens who applied for the competition, Jeun’Info, which provides opportunities for aspiring journalists.

Each presented a report, with Wiklo speaking about living with her younger brother who has autism and Melnychuk focusing on Canada’s national sport, lacrosse.

The memorable experience has sparked an interest in being in the limelight for both teens, with Wiklo considering a career in journalism and Melnychuk planning to pursue politics.

To watch the show, visit www.radio-canada.ca/regions/colombie-britannique/dossiers/detail.asp?Pk_Dossiers_regionaux=541