The Percivals are asking for any information that would help them locate their dog

The Percivals are asking for any information that would help them locate their dog

Surrey Parks crews find tangled puppy

Missing nine days, seven-month-old Shiba Inu returns home

A Newton family is celebrating the return of their beloved dog, nine days after she went missing.

Tanja Percival told Peace Arch News Tuesday that she and husband Peter are ecstatic after their seven-month-old Shiba Inu, Kona, was located that morning in South Surrey’s Serpentine Fen area, where she first went missing May 25.

Surrey Parks Department crews were in the area for park maintenance when they found the dog trapped after her leash became tangled.

“She was apparently tied up pretty bad at the park. Apparently, she got on to some peninsula and her leash got so tangled and tied up she was stuck there for nine days,” Tanja said.

“She’s quite skinny and smells a little, but she’s extremely happy to be home and she’s playing with her toys, eating and drinking as much as her stomach can handle at this moment.”

Kona had tugged her leash out of Tanja’s hand after she was spooked while walking in the park.

Despite scouring the area for days and putting up posters, the Percivals had no news of Kona – even after hiring pet-tracking company Petsearchers Canada, which brought out bloodhounds to pick up her scent.

After the exhausting search, the Percivals believed someone may have picked up the dog and offered a reward for her safe return.

“We’re so beyond lucky the park happened to be doing maintenance today and yesterday. They found her because they were in there, mowing the lawn,” Tanja laughed.

“When I found out, my office thought I was crazy because I was jumping and crying.


“It all worked out so well. Obviously any longer, and she may not have made it.”