Kathryne Bagshaw

Kathryne Bagshaw

War Amp event ‘can be life-changing’

White Rock’s Kathryne Bagshaw, 11, participated in the War Amps annual BC Child Amputee (CHAMP) Seminar in Vancouver this spring, which dealt with all aspects of growing up as an amputee.

Kathryne, born a left-arm amputee, attended the three-day event in March, which saw older Champs act as junior counsellors, answering questions and offering advice to younger participants.

In one seminar session, Champs demonstrated their standard and recreational artificial limbs and devices to the group.

Subjects of interest for all age groups were covered, including the latest developments in artificial limbs, parenting an amputee child, dealing with teasing and bullying, learning to drive and the importance for amputees to stay active.

The event marked the 30th anniversary of CHAMP Seminars, which are held regionally across Canada.

They can be life-changing, especially for first-time attendees, according to CHAMP director Lucie Waddell.

“Meeting others with exactly the same concerns, and seeing how they have overcome them, has a profound effect on how they regard their amputation,” Waddell said in a release.

CHAMP and all its programs are funded solely through public support of the War Amps Key Tag and Address Label Service.

For more information, call 1-800-250-3030 or visit waramps.ca