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What are you thankful for, Surrey?

In a year filled with bad news, readers share what is right in their lives

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

In a year filled with bad news and uncertainty, we wanted to hear from our readers about the good things going on in their lives. Here is what some of our readers are thankful for this year.

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“I am thankful for loving family and good health.” (Ramnit)

”I am thankful for my family being healthy and happy. Everyone is back to work. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.” (Michele)

”I’m thankful for having a roof on my head and food on my table.” (Colin)

“I personally am thankful for my girlfriend who is a beautiful person, inside and out. She is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me and always makes me feel like a solid gentleman. She has taught me to live in the moment: not to overthink into the future nor cling onto the past. I now know what having a girlfriend means and I am also very thankful that neither of us have come down with a case of COVID-19. We could never ask for more.” (Mike)

”I am thankful to nature for giving us fruits , vegetables, beautiful trees, flowers, natural water, beautiful mountains to see and trails to walk. I appreciate birds and animals too.” (Paramjeet)

”I have stage 4 lung cancer and so very thankful that my treatments at Surrey Cancer Clinic are shrinking and killing the cancer cells in my lungs so I can be here for my three children and my partner and for the great staff at the Cancer Clinic for doing everything possible to make my recovery happen.” (Joseph)

“I am thankful for my mom and my husband and kids and our health.” (Frankie)

“At 73 years of age, I’m thankful for good health.” (Lynell)

”I am very thankful for having a lovely place to live and having food on the table. I am also thankful for being an active healthy individual. As a mother i am very grateful of my one and only child who has come a long way and has gone through rough times. I am thankful for having a very understanding son and has helped me through everything. I am thankful just having basics in life food shelter and clothing some people do not have that so we should appreciate what we have.” (Kam)

”I am thankful that we have the technology that we do today because it allows us to connect on a global level, despite the pandemic we are facing, when we are not even able to visit our loved ones in the hospital, or travel to see family or friends in person. It makes me feel like we are all in it together.” (Sophia)

”I’m thankful for having a beautiful family.” (Crystal)

”I am thankful for my family and friends. We may not be together physically but we are connected safely during this unprecedented times. Cheers to good health and safety.” (Nina)

I’m thankful for my guitar. I bought it four years ago and it’s name is Theo. He is a koa wood gs mini and he is the most beautiful guitar I’ve ever seen. Playing guitar and writing songs is honestly like my therapy session and I don’t know what I would do without Theo.” (Megan)

”This year has been unlike any other year and I am thankful for so much in my life including my health and family. But being a healthcare worker and working during the Covid-19 pandemic, I am very thankful for my coworkers, especially this year. I am a Radiation Therapist, working at the Cancer Center. Working through the Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging. However, my co-workers have been awesome! We get through our days by supporting our patients and eachother. There is no other group of people that I would want to work through a pandemic with!” (Kelly)

“I’m very thankful to my life, my family, my job and my country Canada that I immigrated here.” (Belinda)

”I am thankful for clear days and blue skies above family to love.” (Veronica)

”I am thankful for my family and how much they do for me. Every step of my life they’re there for me and support me through any hardships. When I am discouraged and losing hope, they are the ones to re-light that fire in me. I think it’s really amazing to have such a supportive family as some do not. We should be thankful for the things they do for us and not take them for granted because that might be what someone wants in their life and don’t have. (Hanna, Grade 7)

”Currently I am most thankful for my husband. He is the glue that keeps our family together. He works hard, and does so much around the house, and is an amazing father to our boys.” (Rachel)

”I am thankful for my mom who always puts others before her. She is strong, considerate, thoughtful and resilient. Although she has faced several harsh ups throughout her life, she remains optimistic and has a captivating energy radiates onto others.” (Michelle)

”I am thankful for my amazing husband and our two kids. My husband is such a hard worker and supplier for our little family. He keeps a roof over our heads and our stomachs full.” (Stephanie)

”What I am thankful for this Thanksgiving is my son Matthew. He is always so amazing and helpful, especially this last week as we were in a car accident on Monday and I sustained a back injury and he has helped me so much.” (Dana)

”First of all I am thankful for my health which is important in maintaining. I am also thankful that I have an inquiring mind and can figure things out. I am thankful for caring family members and friends. I am thankful that I was born in and live in Canada. I am thankful that I have a place to live and enough food to eat. I am thankful that I have a car to drive. I am thankful that I have hobbies that keep me occupied in these isolating times. I am thankful that I know how to use my computer.” (Vivian)


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