Winter driving tips offered to White Rock, South Surrey drivers. (White Rock RCMP file photo)

Winter driving tips offered to White Rock, South Surrey drivers. (White Rock RCMP file photo)

Winter-driving tips offered for White Rock, South Surrey motorists

Busy holiday season increases risks on the roads: alliance

The Winter Driving Safety Alliance is reminding drivers in White Rock and South Surrey of increased risks on the road this time of year, and offering tips to help everyone stay safe.

In a news release issued Tuesday (Dec. 14), the alliance – a cross-section of public, private and non-profit organizations – says increased vehicle travel, more drivers in a hurry and increasingly inclement weather all combine to drive up the need for more caution behind the wheel.

The average number of casualty crashes due to driving too fast for the conditions more than doubles from fall to early winter in B.C., according to statistics on crashes reported to police from 2015-19, the release notes.

“Most crashes are preventable if we prepare and plan ahead for the conditions we will face,” Louise Yako, spokesperson for the Alliance’s annual Shift into Winter campaign, said.

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White Rock is known for the many steep hills that lead to its waterfront, and South Surrey has its share as well.

“Slowing down to match road conditions can save your life, the lives of people travelling with you, and the lives of others using the road, including pedestrians. And that would be the best gift you could give anyone.”

To help reduce the risk of being in a crash over the holidays, the Alliance offers drivers these additional safety tips:

• Don’t drive if it’s not essential when conditions are poor;

• Know before you go: Check conditions at, plan your route, aim to drive in daylight and give yourself extra time to get to your destination;

• Make sure your vehicle has four matched winter tires;

• Be prepared for holiday season driving – check window-washer fluid, carry a fully-charged phone and keep a winter-driving emergency kit in the vehicle;

• Maintain a safe following distance of at least four seconds; and,

• Use extreme caution when approaching road-maintenance equipment including plows and salt trucks.

The 13th annual Shift into Winter campaign is a joint provincial initiative supported by the Winter Driving Safety Alliance and managed by Road Safety at Work.

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