Friends of musician pitch in

When Phil Q. Davey sang “I’ll get by with a little help from my friends” at the Pacific Inn’s Rumba Room on Saturday (July 2), he really meant it.

The musician, impresario and sound engineer was the guest of honour at a special fundraising event designed to offset some of his losses from a recent theft of equipment.

Davey was out an estimated $4,000 after a break-in at Organic Connections Cafe. But at the end of the night Saturday he was handed some $3,573 in cash by event producer Jason Buie and Rod Dranfield, president of the White Rock Blues Society.

“I feel like a small country in Africa and the helicopters have landed,” Davey said Monday. “It’s incredible – there’s no way to express how grateful I am. I’m never going to feel unappreciated again.”