The Desjarlais/Wong family home in Surrey is decorated for Halloween, at 12728 113B Ave., in the Bridgeview area. (Photo: Tom Zillich)

The Desjarlais/Wong family home in Surrey is decorated for Halloween, at 12728 113B Ave., in the Bridgeview area. (Photo: Tom Zillich)


VIDEO: Popularity of ‘happy’ Halloween house ‘overwhelming, heartwarming’ for Surrey family

Bridgeview-area home features a ‘haunted cave’ and more

One “happy” Halloween house in Surrey’s Bridgeview area is attracting more attention than the homeowners expected – and they’re more than happy about it.

Wayne Wong and Trina Desjarlais have surrounded their home and filled their yard with lit inflatables, animatronics and other Halloween decorations, at 12728 113B Ave.

“This is our second year doing this now,” said their daughter, Kristine Desjarlais, “but my parents did it here way back, years ago, when we were all in elementary school, and they’ve picked it back up again. This year’s display is probably five times the size of what it was last year.”

The kid-friendly display features a “haunted cave” – a walk-through area with animatronics and lit creatures.

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The family began decorating in mid-September, and haven’t stopped.

“It’s something we love to do, just making people smile and doing something the community likes,” Kristine explained. “My parents have lived in Bridgeview for, like, 26 years.

“We have another generation of the family growing up,” she added, “so mom and dad are doing it for them but also for the people walking by, the people who live in the area.”

Weather permitting, they’ll continue lighting up the house from now until Halloween, from 6 to 10 p.m. nightly.

For charity, donations of cash and non-perishable food are accepted. “People have been asking about donations, so we’re going to take donations for the food bank – so if people want to, they can give to the food bank,” Kristine said. “People seem to want to donate.”

So far this month, the number of visitors has been “overwhelming and heartwarming” for the family.

“We didn’t think it would get as much attention this year,” Kristine said. “It’s been visited by a lot of people so far, and it’s gone crazy on Facebook. People want to come see it, which is good because that’s the whole point of it all, obviously. We want people to see it and have fun.

“If people want to stop by on Halloween, we’ll have some pretty good goodie bags we’re giving out,” she added with a laugh.

With December to come, other plans are afoot.

“My mom and dad are going crazy for Christmas this year, too. They promise it’ll be really good,” Kristine added.

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Elsewhere in Surrey, the by-donation Yarwood Spooktacular Event raises money for BC Childrens Hospital, in the Clayton area at 6970 190 St., with actors and more.

“We are trying to keep the crowds smaller this year. The haunted house will be Asylum theme and there will be popcorn for sale by donation,” says a webpost on

“The haunted house is for all ages but there will be some gore and will be up to parents if they are okay with their kids coming in. There will be guides available to take the little ones through if they don’t want any actors popping out. All funds raised will go directly to BC Childrens Hospital.”

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Some other Surrey-area houses are well-decorated for Halloween, according to posts on the Now-Leader’s Facebook page.

“Not sure the exact address but there’s a house on the 9700-block of 130th street in Surrey,” posted Shannon McWilliam.

Added Deanna Cox: “17388 62A Avenue – their house is amazing!”

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