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LETTER: Give White Rock residents a break from bright light

Highrise lighting is an 'eyesore' for neighbours


I couldn’t agree more with Carol Monaghan’s Letter to the Editor (Peace Arch News, June 6), Let there not be light.

In addition to all the effects she has listed, I would like to express my concern about the two Foster-Martin highrises that exist and the third one that’s currently under construction.

The south-facing lighting is like an invasive fluorescent light beam that spoils the evening ambience for all of us. I can’t even begin to think of how it annoys all the birds. It only takes one drive-by at night to see how invasive the penetrating light on those buildings are.  My sympathy also goes to people living in those buildings who can’t avoid the glare. It’s a total eyesore and excessive lighting. I live two blocks away, and it’s impossible to ignore.

What architectural or building approval was given to allow this here in the City of White Rock?  I’m sure hundreds of people would appreciate seeing these neon-like lights turned off permanently.

Lynda Moller