AUXILIARY NOTES: Holidays at the PAH

Many festive activities to take place at Peace Arch Hospital this month.

Peace Arch Hospital Auxiliary tries to make a visit to PAH as festive as possible at Christmas.

In the lobby, our gift shop is filled with all types of giftware.

There are festive flower arrangements that are made by our Flower Power volunteers. These are at various prices and can be pre-ordered.

There are many types of gifts that range from stuffed animals for the children to elegant purses and tasteful decorations for people of all ages.

There are also Christmas cards for that special person as well as treats for all ages.

The Aquarius group spends an afternoon in early December to decorate a Christmas tree which is in the lobby. This brings a sense of festive spirit to everyone that sees it.

The decorations for this tree are from the Superfluity Shop and have been donated to the auxiliary.

The area by our information desk is also decorated to help make the whole lobby as cheerful as possible.

Each year, the auxiliary donates gifts to all of our residents in the residential-care pavilions.

Each resident receives a Christmas bag which can be hung on a wheelchair with some gifts that have been bought and donated to these people. These gift bags may contain items such as scarves, puzzle books and personal-hygiene products.

At Christmastime, the Flower Power group makes up special floral arrangements that are sent to the Dr. Hogg and Weatherby residential care pavilions. It helps to brighten up the atmosphere at this time of the year.

Flowers are also sent to the Czorny Alzheimer Centre for the enjoyment of the clients.

The Aquarius group makes up special table cards for everyone who is in the hospital at Christmas. These cards go out on all of the food trays. It is just a way of making everyone feel that they have not been forgotten.

All the patients receive Christmas cake that is donated by the auxiliary. This is just another way that we hope to add some cheer to everyone who is at the hospital at this time of the year.

There are lots of special sales happening in the lobby of the hospital. These include bake, craft and jewelry sales.

Tomorrow (Friday), Les Papillions are having a craft sale and they will also be selling baked goods and jewelry.

The Shasta Daisies are having a bake and craft sale in the lobby of the hospital on Dec. 12. They are also selling some jewelry at this sale.

The Aquarius Group has three sales in the hospital lobby. These will include Christmas décor items, gifts in a jar (food mixes) and Fascinators – the lovely little hats that are the fashionable thing to wear.

And last, but certainly not least, the Superfluity Shop has re-opened and will be featuring many Christmas items as well as the regular stock.

The Pennies for Peace Arch Project continues with donation jars at the hospital and the Superfluity Shop.

We wish all of the staff and patients who are in the hospital a happy holiday.

Felicity Matthews writes monthly on behalf of the Peace Arch Hospital Auxiliary.