My Dinner with Andrey planned for My Shanti

My Dinner with Andrey planned for My Shanti

Established chefs will reproduce 1981 classic

The storyline is simple.

Two old friends, Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory, get together to share life experiences over an evening meal.

The premise of the 1981 classic film, My Dinner with Andre, will be reenacted with an Indian flare produced by established chefs Vikram Vij and Andrey Durbach at My Shanti (15869 Croydon Dr.) restaurant.

The Chefs Collaboration Dinner, set for May 29, will feature four courses, with each chef taking their turn.

“Andrey and I worked together at Saltimbocca many years ago,” Vij said in a news release. “Now he’s the head chef at Bishop’s, which is where I learned so many tricks of the trade under the amazing John Bishop back in the early 1990s. I’m really looking forward to doing something great together at My Shanti.”

The ingredients for the dinner will be provided to the restaurant by a local farm.

“It will be great to work with Vikram in a kitchen again,” said Durbach in a news release.

“We are both passionate about cooking, passionate about delicious comfort food, and we’re also passionate about the wines that our dishes are paired with.”

Reservations for the $125-per-person event can be made by emailing with the subject line “Dinner with Andrey.”