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3 ways to get your wheels roadtrip ready this summer

White Rock's Ford-trained service pros share how to make your vehicle vacay memorable for the right reasons
No matter your chosen set of wheels or your destination this summer, the key is to get there safely, comfortably and as efficiently as possible.

If you love driving, there's no better time than now to get behind the wheel and go – roads are dry, the sun's out and roadtrips are taking you on plenty of adventures. And really, even if your vehicle is simply a means to get the family safely where they need to be, summer's a great time for that, too!

No matter your chosen set of wheels or your destination, the key is to get there safely, comfortably and as efficiently as possible. And if you're driving a Ford, that starts with a visit to your Ford-trained technician.

"Our goals are your safety and keeping your vehicle in excellent condition so it continues to serve you well for years to come," explains Wil Lougheed, Service Manager at Ocean Park Ford here in White Rock. 

The Ford-trained technicians at Ocean Park Ford in White Rock will ensure your wheels are ready for a summer roadtrip!

Not only does Lougheed's service team boast decades of experience working on all makes and models of vehicles, all are also certified, Ford-trained technicians – specially trained by Ford on your F-150, Bronco, Escape and every other vehicle that's rolled off their lot.

(Wonder what service is recommended for your vehicle? Find the scheduled maintenance guidelines here.)

As an added bonus, especially with fuel prices creeping higher, a well-tuned vehicle is also more efficient, and that will save you money on gas today and in repairs down the road!

So, what's a must for your vehicle before you roll out this summer? 

  • Check-up: In addition to recommended servicing, oil changes and tire rotations, a pre-roadtrip check-up that looks at fluid levels, brakes, battery and other essentials will ensure everything is in good working order – the last thing you want is to be sidelined on the Coquihalla with no service and an overheating engine. 
  • Tires: We often think about tires for winter driving, but tread depth and general tire condition is also important before a roadtrip – even more so if you're towing a boat or a camper, or will be navigating gravel roads. Your Ocean Park tech will ensure your tires are in good shape and properly inflated, a key step to providing better traction on the road and improving fuel efficiency.
  •  A/C: With our mild start to summer, your air conditioning may not have had much of a workout yet, but you don't want to head to the Okanagan and find it's only blowing warm air. From time to time, your A/C can need recharging – better to test that out before you go!

Scheduling your next servicing with Ocean Park Ford is easy – visit and log in with your 17-digit VIN, email address, or phone number to get started. You can also call the service team at 604-531-8883 or head to the dealership at 3050 King George Hwy.