Dr. Sandra Finch takes the stage for her accreditation with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry!

Dr. Sandra Finch takes the stage for her accreditation with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry!

30 years since graduating dental school — but just as passionate as Day 1!

Local dentist continues to bring comprehensive dental care to White Rock

Dr. Sandra M. Finch of Finch Tree Dental is celebrating a major milestone: it’s her 30th year since graduating dental school, and her passion for the industry hasn’t faltered.

“Even before I graduated high school I knew I wanted to go into dentistry. Growing up I was incredibly artistic and loved doing things with my hands. The more detailed something was, the more interested I grew – its built the foundation for my career today,” Dr. Finch says.

As her love for the industry continued to grow, so did her interest in pursuing dental education — maintaining a commitment to educational opportunities allowed Dr. Finch to fine-tune the restorative excellence she delivers to her patients. In fact, it’s given her an avenue to provide well beyond what’s taught in dental school, as she’s taken her expertise the extra mile.

During her journey, Dr. Finch became an accredited dentist with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. After more than a decade of coursework, case submissions, self and peer examination, her hard work and discipline paid off when she achieved her goal 2019. With less than 400 dentists in the world with this title (under 20 in Canada and only four in British Columbia), Dr. Finch is the province’s only female with the title. That exclusivity makes it easy to see why the accreditation has become the pinnacle of her professional accomplishments.

“Accreditation while certainly a pinnacle of my professional career thus far was a journey that took many years for me to complete. Over this time the goals remained clear but as important was the journey itself as it allowed to me elevate my game by practicing extraordinary dentistry everyday,” Dr. Finch explains.

Responsible & ethical dentistry

Underscoring her work is a commitment to responsible and ethical cosmetic dentistry, which is why she offers an extremely comprehensive diagnosis for all patients.

“When people come to my clinic I think the first thing they notice is that they’re going to receive an extremely thorough and comprehensive exam. The exam then sets the basis for the treatment plan that I develop for my patients, which I then review in detail with them to make sure it’s exactly what they want,” Dr. Finch says.

New patients receive an initial 90-minute exam followed by a 60-minute review, demonstrating her thorough, comprehensive service. Further, it ensures her patients can make informed decisions, which Dr. Finch also facilitates by delivering all the necessary information in an easy-to-understand way.

Backed by a team of truly passionate professionals prepared to deliver the highest quality of dental care, a trip to Finch Tree Dental puts you and your loved ones in the right hands!

For comprehensive dentistry for the quality conscious family, visit Finch Tree Dental online today.

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