5 reasons to digitize your photo collection today

5 reasons to digitize your photo collection today

This simple process can save time, space … and your photos!

Can you hold 50 years of cherished family photos in the palm of your hand? It is possible!

Not only that, but in many cases, those new digital images will be even better than the original.

Photo Expert, which has been serving the camera and photographic needs of White Rock, Surrey and Delta since 1976, provides a wide variety of archival scanning and digital transfer services – not only from prints, slides and negatives, but also from video tape and movie film. “Our longevity is important as families trust us with their cherished photos,” says Brad Morris, Photo Expert owner. “We’ll take care of your memories. We do all the scanning on-site in our secure facility – we don’t send them away.”

Reasons to digitize your family photos:

1. Preserve your memories – In the event of a fire or flood, people often say the one thing they would save is their photographs. But when that means piles of albums, shoeboxes and slide trays, it can be impossible to carry them all. Scanning lets you keep all your photos on a single flash drive or hard drive. It is easy and inexpensive to have duplicate copies made for each family member.

2. Better access to your memories – No more hauling out albums, or setting up the slide projector and screen. By digitizing your photos, you can load them to a computer, iPad or Smart TV and view them any time you wish. You can edit and organize them too!

3. Share freely – Maybe your grandchildren are working on a family history project or your brother is taking up genealogy. Maybe you’d just like to share your family traditions with a new generation. With digital images, sharing those memories is as easy as email. You can put your favourite photos on to mugs, coasters or pillows – even wallpaper! Or perhaps make that custom photo book you’ve always wanted.

4. Have less clutter – As children move into homes of their own and families downsize, it’s difficult to take everything with you. Albums, slide trays, film reels and video tapes take up a lot of space. With all those images transferred to a flash drive or iPad, just think about what you can do with all that extra room!

5. Improved quality – By investing in state-of-the-art, quality scanning equipment, Photo Expert has the ability to actually improve the colour of many originals. “Our clients are often amazed that their digitized photos are better than the originals ever were,” Brad says.

For more information about protecting your family photos, film and video, stop by Photo Expert at 7131 120th St. in Delta or www.photoexpert.com. They even offer free pick up and delivery in the Surrey Delta area for orders over $150!