Bril Reviews – Portable UV Light Toothbrush Case for Sterilization?

The great Chinese philosopher Confucius is right in saying, “Behind every smile, there are teeth.” We can protect the smile on our faces only if we have some comprehensive ways to deal with our oral health. The use of Bril is one of those smart ways which fully guarantee our oral hygiene. Bril is an electronic gadget that is aimed at removing the colony of microscopic organisms which abound on the head of toothbrushes. This portable device uses UV light to protect toothbrushes from microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, airborne germs, and viruses. Bril, which stands for a short form of Brilliant, has on offer a variety of models to match the requirements of different individuals.

Why Give Hyper Protection to Your Toothbrush

Protecting our toothbrush with the help of Bril is perhaps the smartest way to remain healthy. It is quite true that toothbrushes attract bacteria and germs in great numbers. One of the potent sources of bacteria that crowd the heads of toothbrushes is dampness. It is our common practice to use toothbrushes and put them in toothbrush holders in damp condition. As a result, the layer of plaque that sits on the bed of the toothbrush heads cultures microorganisms. Apart from it, toothbrush holders are also known to be the breeding ground of bacteria. These facts combine to pose a great threat to our oral health.

People, especially children with low immunity, are vulnerable to falling sick if they remain in constant contact with these harmful microorganisms. In the contemporary market, we have different brands of disinfectants to sanitize toothbrushes. But these traditional disinfects are hardly effective. Numerous adverse reports from unsatisfied customers are an open testimony to the fact that these disinfectants are not 100 percent effective in removing the microorganisms from the heads of toothbrushes.

It is at this stage that Bril makes its entry. Bril is greatly required to rescue us from these unwanted health hazards. The advent of this magic device is no less than a boon for people of all ages. It is due to its great efficacy that consumers are ditching traditional disinfectants and embracing the smart device called Bril.

Admirable Features of Bril

This handy and smart device is meant for anyone who is very particular about taking care of oral hygiene regularly. The most important feature of this device is the ultraviolet mechanism which makes it stand apart from other traditional oral disinfectants. Apart from it, this device is also blessed with many other features which make it a very sought-after option when it comes to oral health. Some of these features include:

Very effective germs destroyer: On average, any given toothbrush head contains nearly one hundred million microorganisms after a single use. This figure is horrible, but this fact goes unnoticed because these microorganisms are visible with our naked eyes. Bril, with its ultraviolet rays technology, promises to eliminate these microorganisms very effectively. All you need to do is to keep the head of your toothbrush in the specific slot of the device. In less than three minutes, your toothbrush will be sterilized and become safe to be used next time. The ultraviolet treatment given to the toothbrush ensures that it is almost 100 percent germs-free.

Great portability: Bril gets great appreciation from users because of its great portability. Its handy and user-friendly design helps you keep it in any place in the room. Its convenience is greatly admired for being far handier during your travel. You can make it sit in any corner of your bag and be sure that no one will notice it. The information given on its official website tells that it is similar to an Apple-made earbud case in size.

Strong battery life: The battery life of Bril is admirable. It does not exhaust soon. Once you charge the battery, it will last for a month despite its daily use. It features an LED indicator with a red flashlight to indicate a need to charge it. This device can be handled well by both adults and children.

Compatible with all kinds of toothbrushes: This smart toothbrush sanitizer is compatible with all kinds of toothbrushes, whether large, small, electrical, or non-electrical. It means that users don’t need to change this device when they change their toothbrush.

Working Mechanism of Bril

The working mechanism of this device is quite interesting. It uses ultraviolet rays to eliminate the microorganisms before they enter your mouth. This device has its efficacy for every individual. However, people with serious oral health conditions like caries or gum infections are greatly benefited because the device is specifically meant to terminate microorganisms like pseudomonas, rhinovirus, staphylococcus, and streptococcus. While dealing with these microorganisms, the device activates a specifically designed frequency known as UV-C. Its wavelength ranges between 280 nm and 200 nm.

Handling Process Bril

The process of handling Bril is quite easy. The device has a slot for the head of the toothbrush to be placed inside. The users are required to put the head of the toothbrush inside the device and shut down its lid. Once the head of the toothbrush is kept inside, the device gets activated and begins the sterilization process that kills the microorganisms instantly to make it germs-free for next use. Apart from sterilizing, the device also provides a protective shield to the toothbrush round-the-clock.

Guaranteed Refund

In case the consumer is not satisfied with the product, the company ensures a hundred percent refund within 30 days after the purchase. To initiate the refund process, you need to do correspondence with customer service. The address to return the product is mentioned on the official website of the company.

The Bottomline

Bril is a wonderful device that is a must to own for every individual. The device does not claim to offer any cure for your oral health issue. Rather, its use is specifically known to remove harmful bacteria and germs from the head of your toothbrush. If you have an oral health issue, you must visit a dentist for treatment or expert advice. Bril uses state-of-the-art technology to remove the microorganisms from your toothbrush successfully. On top of it, the price of the product is also very reasonable.

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