Scotia Wealth Management Senior Wealth Advisor, Dave Lee, offers Total Wealth Planning to clients in White Rock.

Scotia Wealth Management Senior Wealth Advisor, Dave Lee, offers Total Wealth Planning to clients in White Rock.

Even elite advisors need teammates!

Who’s on your advisor’s team? The comprehensive support behind a financial plan

Before you create a financial plan, you have to choose an advisor. An important part of that decision should be the strength and quality of the resources the advisor’s investment firm offers. As in sport, the coach, teammates, culture and pedigree of the organization all play a part in the decision.

Senior Wealth Advisor Dave Lee chose Scotia Wealth Management well over a decade ago, and when you see the team around him it’s easy to see why.

“From top to bottom the firm is committed to Total Wealth Planning. The resources and supports for advisors mean we can give better support to our clients,” Dave says.

  • Managers know what it’s like to be advisors: Dave’s branch manager at ScotiaMcLeod in White Rock is Jolene Funke, who used to be an advisor herself. “That’s not uncommon here. Other firms might hire business managers with no advising experience, but at ScotiaMcLeod it goes right up to our senior leadership — they used to be advisors too,” Jolene says. “When I was an advisor I had tremendous support from a great management team. Now I use my advising experience to support advisors like Dave, advocate for their needs and help them problem-solve.”
  • Accessible specialists: “One of the things ScotiaMcLeod is most proud of is our specialist-to-advisor ratio. In our White Rock branch we have regular presence from a suite of professionals: estate professionals, private bankers, insurance consultants, family wealth specialists and more,” Jolene says, and Dave agrees. “They’re not a scarce resource that can only be accessed in exceptional circumstances, they’re legitimate members of my team that I work closely with and I can check in with on a regular basis as the need arises. They’re personally invested in all of my clients.” he says.
  • Supporting a diverse range of problem-solvers: “The job that Dave does is not easy. Advisors have a tremendous level of responsibility,” Jolene says, and that can make the profession inaccessible to many. But a diverse team filled with specialists from different backgrounds, genders and generations gives ScotiaMcLeod a holistic approach to problem-solving and a more inclusive client experience, so the firm puts real money and time into attracting and supporting talent from across the spectrum.

“It’s clear clients appreciate this Total Wealth Management approach. We can finally get clarity on issues they’ve been struggling with for years. And once we’ve settled their immediate concerns, we can create a detailed plan for the big picture,” Dave says.

Call 604.535.4743 to book an appointment with Dave Lee in White Rock, or email to discuss investments, life insurance, retirement planning, estate planning, generating income and minimizing your taxes. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin for more financial insights.

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