The holidays are extra-special when shared with friends at Pacific Carlton Seniors Community in South Surrey.

The holidays are extra-special when shared with friends at Pacific Carlton Seniors Community in South Surrey.

Happy Holidays at Pacific Carlton Seniors Community

Season’s greetings to everyone from Pacific Carlton Seniors Community!

The holidays are a joyful, yet sensitive, time for many of our residents. In later life, the holiday season is a mix of emotions. We have lost so many dear friends, family, and loved ones, but we still celebrate the present by connecting and sharing kind words with each other – all while reflecting on joyful memories in our minds.

At Pacific Carlton, we appreciate this delicate balance of emotions; and it is a particular joy to see our residents, who have developed so many new friendships within our communities know that they are not alone. Not only do they have each other, but they also have our supportive team to enjoy seasonal activities with!

Here are some quotes from the residents at Lakeside Gardens in Nanaimo, a sister location of Pacific Carlton and one of 11 VRS Seniors Communities:

“The staff here at VRS are wonderful! I told my family that I am staying here for the holidays. They weren’t happy with me, but I said they can come visit me here.” – Betty

“When I walked in the front doors at VRS, I liked it right away. It had a warm and inviting feeling. Last year, when I moved in, there were COVID restrictions in place and we socialized very little, but the staff were great then and still are now. This year, VRS is decorated amazingly! And all the activities planned make things brighter and happier for everyone. Since moving here, I feel relaxed – I am no longer stressed!” – Sheila

“I am looking forward to experiencing the holidays here. I will miss the kids decorating my home, but it feels like the holidays to me here.” – Tove

“I don’t have to worry about Christmas shopping, baking and all the preparation I did as a housewife – although I did love doing all that. Now I can sit back and enjoy it here at VRS. I have more friends than I did before!” – Inge

“I am comfortable staying here for the holidays; it’s a chosen family! I enjoy the music we have during the holiday season and the staff are excellent.” – Eileen


If you’re thinking about making the transition to a senior’s residence in South Surrey or White Rock, come speak with the friendly people at Pacific Carlton Seniors Community and discover the difference an independent and supportive housing community will make.

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