Mark Nagra and Raman Dhaliwal, co-owners of WR Mattress Gallery in South Surrey. (Aaron Hinks photo)

Mark Nagra and Raman Dhaliwal, co-owners of WR Mattress Gallery in South Surrey. (Aaron Hinks photo)

Is your mattress keeping you up at night?

3 ways to know if your mattress needs replacing

If you’re spending your nights struggling to fall – and stay – asleep, you’re not alone.

But while you may blame stress or caffeine for your lack of ZZZs, it could actually be your mattress that’s keeping you up.

If you’ve been sleeping on the same bed for years, it might be time to replace it, but how do you know if now’s the right time? Mark Nagra, co-owner of WR Mattress Gallery in South Surrey and MN Mattress in Parksville, shares the signs to look for.

  1. Waking up sore: If you’re waking up with aches and pains, with the soreness disappearing by mid-morning, it’s a good indication that your mattress is behind it. “If you’re waking up sore, what were you just doing for eight hours before that? Sleeping! That’s about as clear of an indication you can get that your mattress isn’t supporting your body or relieving pressure the way you need it to,” Nagra explains.
  2. Struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep: Difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep are indications it may be your mattress — when you’re not comfortable in your bed, it’s harder to fall asleep. “Even if you’ve just spent eight hours trying to recharge, when your mattress isn’t bracing your body’s weight and its contours, it can leave you in pain,” Nagra says. “Throughout the night, you’re rolling around, tossing and turning because your body is trying to relieve this pressure.” He compares it to touching a hot stove — even if you’re not looking, your body’s natural immediate reaction is to pull back. When you’re sleeping on an old mattress, you’ll move throughout the night to try to escape the pain your bed is causing.
  3. Waking up hot: Your body’s temperature can be a signal that you’re sleeping on the wrong mattress. If you’re using memory foam, waking up hot might sound all too familiar — the material isn’t very breathable so it traps your body’s heat then reflects it back to you. Instead, Nagra suggests a more breathable material, such as natural latex rubber, which boasts an open cell structure allowing for plenty of airflow, making it naturally dust-mite resistant. Latex is a much cleaner and healthier option for those looking to reduce toxins in their everyday life and have a longer-lasting cleaner mattress.

Time to test drive a new mattress? With a plethora of awards including first place for the BBB People’s Pick Torch Awards in the entire Lower Mainland, and hundreds of five-star Google reviews, a trip to WR Mattress Gallery puts you in good hands. Let the experienced staff at WR Mattress Gallery show you what cleaner, pressure relieving and supportive materials are available to help you sleep more efficiently.

To learn more you can visit them online at or visit Mark and co-owner Raman Dhaliwal at 2390 152nd Street., South Surrey.

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