Nando’s PERi PERi chillies.

Nando’s PERi PERi chillies.

It’s who we are

This is PERi-PERi

Our heart. Our soul. This is our story….

Bom Dia!

One afternoon in 1987, two friends, Fernando and Robbie, went for lunch at a humble Portuguese eatery. As their meal ended, they knew they’d tasted something that had to be shared. PERi-PERi was about to make an incredible journey – from Rosettenville, Johannesburg to the world.

Our PERi-PERi Chillies

Our tiny red PERi-PERi chillies are unique to Nando’s. Our heart and our heat, they’re a very special type of African Bird’s Eye Chilli.

Our PERi-PERi chillies are grown in the nutrient rich soil under the blistering sun of Southern Africa. They grow pointing upwards towards the hot African sun.

Our chillies are grown on 494 acres of PERi-farms across Southern Africa in Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Each chilli plant produces about 300 chillies, which are hand-picked one at a time. Our chillies are then hand-sorted and naturally dried in the hot African sun.

Nando’s is about more than PERi-PERi and chicken; it’s about the people who work with us and the communities we touch in Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Malawi. We now work with over 1,400 farmers in 18 growing regions across Southern Africa. It’s something we’re proud of. What warms our hearts even more is the difference this has made to people’s lives.

At Nando’s, there’s something for everyone. From deliciously subtle to feeling the fire, our PERi-PERi bastes tease your taste buds with flavour first – heat second!

From Southern Africa to Central Burnaby. We look forward to serving you at Nando’s at 101-3010 152 St., South Surrey– 604-542-5790 –


Family-style dinner courtesy of Nando’s.

Family-style dinner courtesy of Nando’s.