For the lucky tenants of The Abby Lane Health Centre, windows open to invite in pacific ocean breezes!

For the lucky tenants of The Abby Lane Health Centre, windows open to invite in pacific ocean breezes!

The Abby Lane Health Centre is a dream come true!

16 years in the making, this development is ready for you

Sixteen years ago PrimeTime Living had a dream – a dream to create something for the community of White Rock and South Surrey that had never been built before. This ambition inspired the development of 250,000 square ft. into a premium residence for seniors of the area, equipped with a medical centre giving them every opportunity to maintain their independence.

Having spent twenty years prior in the development, ownership and management of senior’s residences in Canada, PrimeTime Living discovered what was lacking in the industry.

Prime location:

It is said that “Location Location Location” is the key to success in any development and fortunately, the location of the Abby Lane Health Center is what is referred to as “a Gold Site”. The medical centre and adjacent residence are located in a community that has been wanting and needing this development. With a medical centre taking up half of the land, albeit outdated and in need of being rebuilt, it came with a strong client base. The land itself was beautiful and the surrounding homes only added to that beauty! The PrimeTime living team knew the development had to reflect the people of White Rock and South Surrey hence the development began sixteen years ago. Yes sixteen years!

Today, the project is complete and stands as a testament to excellence. One only has to stand across the street on 16th and take all of its beauty. Elegant, inviting and exciting – that’s Abby Lane!

Built to withstand earthquakes, fire and time, the Abby Lane Health Centre offers the lucky and successful tenants large brightly light hallways with windows that open to invite in pacific ocean breezes. The entire 250,000 sq.ft. of the development stands eight storeys tall, with the medical centre encompassing the first three floors. Two levels of underground parking offer safety, convenience and security to all who enter. Many of the offices come equipped with large outdoor balconies, giving tenants and their clients the opportunity to step outside during their visit. In times such as this, how wonderful is that!

It has been the pleasure and life’s work of PrimeTime Living to see the beautiful Abby Lane Health Centre and residence completed.

To learn more, you can visit PrimeTime Living online or make sure to come by in-person and see what has been built for you!