Daniel Deckert

Daniel Deckert

Want to come home to a clean house?

Scrubbi provides four insider tips for getting the best price on housecleaning services

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Can you imagine coming home to a clean house without having to lift a finger?

Whether you have kids, pets or a demanding schedule, outsourcing housecleaning chores is becoming more of a necessity for working families these days.

But how do you choose whom to hire?

Daniel Deckert, president and founder of home services provider Scrubbi.com, provides the following four tips:

1. Get a ‘cleaning guarantee’

You get what you pay for, so find a cleaning service that comes with a cleaning guarantee built in. That way if you’re not happy with the service or if things are missed (everyone can have an off-day!), you can notify the cleaning company and they’ll come back to clean at no additional cost – no questions asked. That should be standard for any reputable service.

2. Know what you are paying and how many people are coming to clean your home

We see many ads that say “$45 per hour” and then an inefficient team of three (or more) people show up and clean your home for three hours, and you end up with a surprisingly large bill. Make sure to check how many people are coming and what the hourly rate refers to: per person or for the entire team. If possible, look for companies that can provide a flat rate for the clean, so you pay the same price regardless of the time it takes to get the job done.

3. Know who is coming to clean your home

Ensure that the company, like Scrubbi, conducts background checks on all their staff and contractors that clean for them and has references on hand or from third party online review sites that you can read over.

4. Make sure communicating with your service provider is quick, easy and painless.

If you requested a quote from a company – and it took them hours (or even days) to get back to you – how fast will they respond if you have a problem or need to make a change? Make sure the company you hire to clean your home is responsive to your needs quickly and that you have many avenues of contact to them, be it phone, email, their website, mail, etc.

“Scrubbi customers actually love how responsive we are to their requests; rescheduling, making adjustments to appointments and anything else customer service related is done usually within minutes. We have a corporate target response time of six minutes during business hours” says Deckert. “Of course, they love our cleaners, too. Not only do we look for experienced and knowledge people, we look for friendly personalities as well.”

Scrubbi now operates in all major cities in Canada, including Surrey, B.C.

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