How Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes From The Cold And UV Rays

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You’ve probably wondered why your eyes feel so scratchy and dry during winter, especially if you’re a skier or snowboarder. It’s not because of the cold — it’s because of the UV rays damaging your skin and your eyes, even on a cloudy day. The snow and ice are white, which reflects the light and bounces it around your retina. This reflection can cause snow blindness, a temporary or permanent loss of vision caused by overexposure to sunlight reflected off of snow or ice. The next time you’re out on the slopes, make sure to protect yourself with quality sunglasses like those of Ray-Ban that block 99%+ UVA and UVB rays — and enjoy playing in the snow worry-free!

Snow Blindness is a real problem that can cause permanent damage to your eyes.

Many people go snowmobiling or skiing without any other protection than their sunglasses. They wear their sunglasses throughout the day and night despite the lack of sun. This essentially turns their sunglasses into snow goggles. The sun, when it’s out, is the biggest threat to your eyes in the snow. In fact, snow blindness is a very real problem that can cause permanent damage to your eyes. The sun’s UV rays, when reflected off of the snow, can cause what’s known as snow blindness. When snow blindness occurs, the sun’s UV rays can burn the retina, causing pain, redness, and swelling. In severe cases, snow blindness can cause permanent damage. Make sure that you wear other forms of eye protection when you are in the snow. The sun can be intense and dangerous, even on a cold day. The cold air doesn’t stop it from burning your eyes. That’s why sunglasses are important all year round. You should wear sunglasses whenever you are outside in the snow or even when you spend time in the shade. Even if you’re bundled up in a hat and scarf, you must still protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Sunglasses are specially designed to reduce the sun’s UV rays, protecting your eyes from harm

Being outside in the winter, especially in the snow, can be a dangerous business, even for those with the best snow boots. It’s important to wear the right clothing and to protect your skin and eyes from the cold and UV rays. As the snow gets deeper and the days get shorter, you should also think about protecting your eyes from the cold and UV rays. This is why it’s important to wear sunglasses in the snow. Your eyes need protection from the cold, just as much as your body does.

You should wear sunglasses in the snow, especially if you have light-colored or light-sensitive eyes

Snow reflects up to 80 percent of sunlight, so snow-filled areas can be up to 20 degrees colder than surrounding environments. This can lead to snow blindness or photokeratitis, which is inflammation of the cornea. You know how it’s sometimes hard to see when you’re skiing or hiking in the winter because the snow reflects the sun? Well, it’s not just because the sun is reflecting off the snow; it’s also because the snow itself reflects the sun. The sun is also a lot lower in the sky, which means it’s closer to you.

Consider polarized sunglasses for even better protection from the sun’s harmful rays

There are few things as beautiful as a mountain landscape covered in snow, but some important eye health considerations come with it. If you wear contacts, dry eyes, painful burning, and swelling are not uncommon. If you don’t wear contacts, you could still experience dry eyes, burning, and watering. The best thing you can do to protect your eyes is to wear sunglasses with UV protection! Sunlight reflecting off of the snow can be three times more intense than that of a blue sky! This means that snow-related activities have a greater risk of causing snow blindness. If you’re skiing, snowboarding, sledding, or just walking in the snow, you need sunglasses. The sunglasses should be polarized so they block the sun’s glare and UV rays, which can cause snow blindness. Since snow is white, it reflects the UV rays. Make sure that your sunglasses block 100% of UV rays to prevent snow blindness. If you’re looking to find the best designer sunglasses with solid UV protection, for the best price online, SmartBuyGlasses is where you need to be! Choose from over 150 top brands, virtual try-on- that’s eyewear made easy!

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