White Rock candidates

White Rock candidates

Election 2014: White Rock candidates – top issues and platforms

City of White Rock: Candidates list their top issues and platforms

  • Oct. 29, 2014 7:00 a.m.

Peace Arch News invited White Rock candidates for the Nov. 15 civic election to provide their occupation and top three issues (up to three words each) and platform (up to 100 words).

Candidates are listed in ballot order, as decided by the City of White Rock.

* Denotes incumbent;  (WRC) denotes White Rock Coalition


Baldwin, Wayne*

Occupation: Mayor

Baldwin, Wayne

• Rail Safety

• EPCOR Purchase

• OCP Review

I believe in: accountability and common sense, maintaining the unique character of White Rock, minimizing taxes and controlling spending, preserving the single family zones, purchasing EPCOR, removing rail traffic from the waterfront, maintaining our fire and police services, making the arts an economic generator, and supporting local business. If elected I want to continue the programs we have started regarding community pride and celebrate public art, beautification of the city and of the waterfront infrastructure upgrades, community safety and the Official Community Plan neighborhood reviews. I want to make White Rock a better place for my grandchildren.

Bradshaw, David

Occupation: Legal Advocate / Counsellor

Bradshaw, David

• Official Community Plan

• Tax Reduction

• Train Relocation

As your mayor, I am fully committed to strongly advocate for: Protecting our lifestyle & culture; Ensuring that development harmonizes with the community’s essential values; Train relocation & emergency preparedness; OCP as community law: ensuring that the Official Community Plan is the standard to follow when considering commercial & residential development proposals; Tax reduction; Forensic audit of core services & major expenditures; Ensuring city operations are accountable & transparent to its taxpayers; supporting local small businesses. Donations & volunteering, contact: dw.bradshaw@shaw.ca; 604-385-4666 website: http://davidbradshaw4whiterockmayor.wordpress.com


Lypka, Dennis

Occupation: Retired Railway Executive

Lypka, Dennis

• Densification, overdevelopment, livability

• Railway issues

• Taxation and overspending

Independent pro-citizen candidate who will bring better government to help keep White Rock a great place to live. Advocates a balanced, fair approach to development that is mindful of our citizens, recognizes our city’s uniqueness and makes the most of our city’s natural beauty. We have a railway issue in our city. With over 30 years of railway experience, has the insight and expertise to best begin to address the problem through respectful, meaningful dialogue with all stakeholders. Taxes are too high and disproportionate for our size; we need to control spending and focus on priorities for citizens.

Meyer, Grant* (WRC)

Occupation: Navigation Officer, BC Ferries

Meyer, Grant

• Quality of Life

• Waterfront and Rail

• Attracting Commercial Businesses

We have an upcoming review of the Official Community Plan, during which we need to ensure and encourage consultation and involvement from every corner of the city, and from as many people as possible. Our rate of growth has been slow, and that’s fine; we don’t need rapid growth like some cities. However, we need new developments to be of the highest quality. Anything less won’t be considered. White Rock has a highly desired quality of life, and is an extremely safe city; I will work my hardest so that it stays one of the best cities in British Columbia.

Petrala, Pattie

Occupation: Community Development Consultant

Petrala, Pattie

• Viable business sustainability

• Renew, respect OCP

• Authentic community engagement

Known community builder: capacity to outreach, engage & represent interests of people. Champion & advocate 18+ years in WR; prior 25 years Ottawa & Africa. Consultant Facilitator: bridging networks, people; Inter-agency, cross-sectors; pro-active information sharing. Go to decision side of table after years of advisory committees & consultation participation. Not afraid to ask tough questions. Independent, impartial, trustworthy – respect for community not self interest nor tool for profits to a few. Organized train rally to ensure voices heard & petition to Hill; Enjoy serving people, helping others help themselves, creating value, solving problems, building connections & doing work that matters.

Chesney, David

Occupation: Newspaper Publisher

Chesney, David

• Official Community Plan

• Rail Safety

• Arts Community

1. Adhering to the Official Community Plan. What part of OFFICIAL is confusing? Stop spot development. 2. Rail Safety. The adversarial tactics with BNSF and Transport Canada staged by the present council have done nothing but harm for our community. It is time to work with, not against BNSF and Transport Canada. Failure to do so will not benefit the residents of White Rock. 3. Let’s stop talking about being an “arts community” and start creating an arts community. Our commercial base is shrinking daily we need a plan to attract visitors to White Rock. We deserve better.

Hunter-Tubic, Sheila

Occupation: Wife, Mother, Caregiver

Hunter-Tubic, Sheila

• Re-greening public spaces

• Establish mini parks

• Embrace historical past

Like a lot of people, I love to walk. Conversation is my passion and I like to stop and talk and listen to what people have to say about any subject. Let’s recapture some old fashioned charm in our communities and create spaces for people to engage. I keep hearing how people are fed up with monster homes and how total lot clearances of all side yard greenery and buffer zones are ruining simple backyard pleasures and neighbourhood character. I want to be a part of a process which engages the public vision going forward into the next 20 years.

Van Zanten, Cary

Occupation: Former Businessman, Owner

Van Zanten, Cary

• Controlled development

• Budget, Epcor options

• Update city

I’m bringing years of successful business leadership from a company’s owner/president’s perspective with national and international government and not-for-profit knowledge and experiences. Income comes from development however that development must be diligently controlled. Budgets to be carefully monitored to meet the five year plan. Options for the city to purchase Epcor. Emergency fund review. Our amazing city needs a business and community green space facelift both on Johnston and Marine, this will result in a lifestyle benefit for the community and tourism. Health, fitness and family are key qualities of life, highlights White Rock needs to market.

Fathers, Helen*

Occupation: Councillor, Manager, Mom

Fathers, Helen

• Community Engagement

• Zoning & Planning

• Economics & Sustainability

To continue to represent the community’s best interests in all that I do. To continue my duties as city councillor. I believe we can improve our city together. To enrich the livability of White Rock for present and future generations. To plan the City of White Rock in consultation with our residents not developers. To continue to be an independent voice at the council table representing you the residents. I am proud to say I have never taken any money from developers to finance my election campaign now and in past elections. www.helenfathers.com

Woods, Margaret

Occupation: Fraud Examiner

Woods, Margaret

• Overtaxation and Underservice

• Reckless Densification

• Trains and Buses

Every citizen is entitled to the White Rock way of life. They are entitled to clean air, clean water, room to breathe. With almost 20,000 residents in 2 square miles, who needs more densification? City business should be open, not behind closed doors. My previous council experience and business expertise generate intelligent and common sense solutions. My overriding objective: whatever is necessary for the citizens to take back the way of life we all dreamed about : the reason we moved here. Don’t just hope for the White Rock way of life – vote for one. Vote for Margaret Woods.

Campbell, Al*

Occupation: Retired Contracts Administrator

Campbell, Al

• Infrastructure

• Density

• Views

Many B.C. and Canada issues face us every day but are beyond our control. My focus is on 5 sq. km. of city that we call home. We have the ability to make sure the city is the very best that it can be. Safe and convenient to drive, walk, park, shop, eat and rest. In order to keep these values we need to encourage the right development in the right place that fits our needs without leaving a negative impact on existing citizens and businesses. Some increased costs are inevitable but let’s make sure we are getting good value for those increased costs.

Sangster, Darcy

Occupation: Psychology/small business

Sangster, Darcy


• Community interests

• Business/economy

1) OCP: Balance community vs development; plan: committee, public questionnaire, referendum. 2) Community interests: Railway removal; plan: start: reduce whistles & railcar travel frequency. Seniors: health, social housing, transportation; plan: town hall MP Hedy Fry. Create exclusive WR/SS transportation hub. Policing/fire; plan: youth programs on prevention. Develop infrastructure programs. 3) Business/Economy: Taxes: new calculation needed proportional to per capita population; plan: with other governments develop new formula. Boast Tourism & Arts; plan: Winter business relief program re: parking, business taxes. Add parking space to future seawall. Build new convention center & marina. Add arts/music festivals/programs.

Sinclair, Lynne (WRC)

Occupation: Retired

Sinclair, Lynne

• Transparency/public engagement

• Arts and culture

• Seniors/healthcare

I will listen to the public and ensure openness and transparency at city hall, not making significant decisions without first engaging the public on matters such as Johnston Road and the Official Community Plan. As a director of Semiahmoo Arts I am a strong supporter of arts and culture as part of a healthy community and a key ingredient of our economic prosperity through cultural tourism. I am a proud supporter of the 92-bed expansion of the Evergreen Baptist Campus of Care. This means seniors can remain in their community, near their families, and it brings jobs to our community.

Hornak, Mike

Occupation: Insurance, Estate Planning

Hornak, Mike

• Future and vision

• Reduce red tape

• Better parking solutions

My reason for running is to engage the community for OUR future. With your support I will endeavour to hear all sides and work towards a solution where all can see benefit and satisfaction. What do you want to see stay the same, and what would you like to see different?

Hart, Doug (WRC)

Occupation: Retired

Hart, Doug

• Environment/waterfront

• Healthcare

• Fiscal management

White Rock is a great seaside community but residents and business owners need certainty on its future direction. Lack of a clear vision is no longer acceptable. A high quality of life means protecting our waterfront from higher tide levels, lobbying for funding to expand the services of Peace Arch Hospital to meet rapid population growth and servicing our aging population, being fiscally responsible and expenditures prioritized so that taxpayers receive the highest value for each tax dollar spent. If elected, I will ensure that a full community consultation process occurs in the updating of our Official Community Plan.

Knight, Megan (WRC)

Occupation: Notary Public

Knight, Megan

• Healthcare

• Public safety

• Financial management

We all enjoy the beautiful city we live in and the high quality of life we have become accustomed to here in White Rock. The challenge if elected is to maintain and enhance this. I feel strongly that we need to lobby the provincial government for a major expansion of the Peace Arch Hospital. We also need to work towards maintaining our safe city and that all tax dollars are being accounted for and used wisely.

Lawrence, Bill* (WRC)

Occupation: Businessman, City Councillor

Lawrence, Bill

• Financial management

• Increasing public engagement

• Storm damage mitigation

I would first like to encourage everyone who is entitled to vote, to go vote this Nov. 5, 6, 12, or 15th. The events of October 22nd make it plain and clear that democracy isn’t easy; and those who protect us, also defend the freedoms we often take for granted. For those in the past, and those who have recently fallen while preserving our way of life… we owe it to them to go and vote this election. My goal is to always make White Rock an even better place to live and work. Get the “Vote Bill” phone app.

Annable, Cliff (WRC)

Occupation: Executive Director (Chamber)

Annable, Cliff

• Financial management

• Health care

• Parks, recreation and culture

1. As executive director of the Chamber of Commerce, and a longtime successful businessman, I know what takes to ensure that we keep our city’s financial house in order. We need to spend the taxpayers’ money wisely and effectively, and to strengthen the city’s economic base. 2. The population in neighbouring communities is rapidly growing. I am committed to lobbying the provincial government for an expansion of the Peace Arch Hospital. 3. White Rock’s youth population is rapidly increasing. We need to add more programs for them, and to improve recreational amenities such as a second sheet of ice at Centennial Arena.

Haugland, Ross

Occupation: President, Communications Company

Haugland, Ross

• Density/development

• Property taxes

• Cost controls

I moved from North Van to the White Rock area about 20 years ago. In that time I have seen our area change dramatically. I not only say I am from White Rock, but I boast that I am from White Rock. It is that pride I wish to maintain. Development is rampant around us, but it is does not mean that we must try to compete. We need to maintain our unique and coveted identity – that identity that we have all come to beam with pride when someone asks where we are from – I live in White Rock.