Photo of Joseph Chung, taken in 2012 a few days before he died at age 32. (Photo: Submitted).

Photo of Joseph Chung, taken in 2012 a few days before he died at age 32. (Photo: Submitted).

Philanthropist couple giving scholarships to 66 recipients in Surrey on Saturday, in memory of their son

That’s $165,000 in scholarships through the 6th annual Joseph Chung Scholarship Fund

Sixty-six recipients will benefit from $165,000 in scholarships to be given out Saturday morning in Surrey during the 6th annual Joseph Chung Scholarship ceremony, to help students pursue a post-secondary education.

Philanthropists Peter and Stephanie Chung launched the scholarship fund in memory of their son Joseph, an autistic man who died unexpectedly on Sept.27, 2012, at age 32.

“After his sudden departure, we prayed night and day for God to show us what His will and plan was for Joseph’s death,” reads the couple’s message to the scholarship recipients. “Finally, we decided to start the Joseph Chung Scholarship Fund for students who pursue post-secondary education. It had been our wish for Joseph to receive the proper education to become a Christian leader, but it seemed unlikely due to his conditions. Now we realize that our dream can be fulfilled through bright minds like you.”


Peter and Stephanie Chung. (Photo: Tom Zytaruk)

So far, 340 students have benefited from this scholarship. The award ceremony will be at the Eminata Center, at 11125 124th Street, Jan. 27th.

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Peter Chung is executive chairman/CEO of Primacorp Ventures Inc. Established in 1995, Primacorp Ventures invests in and manages businesses across a broad spectrum, with interests in real estate, healthcare, education, social enterprize and philanthropy. It is Canada’s largest independent provider of post-secondary education with yearly enrollments of 15,000 or more.

His wife Stephanie is a pianist and choral director. In 2013 she received a service medal from U.S. president Barak Obama and the Order of Civil Merit “Dongbaek Medal” from South Korean president Guen-hye Park in 2015. She wrote a book about their son, entitled Joe’s Table — A True Story: A Place Where Disabilities Become Gifts.

The Chungs have given generously both locally and internationally, helping people in Togo, orphans in Paraguay and tuberculosis patients in North Korea. He also served as an honorary consul for Paraguay, in Vancouver.

Peter Chung is also president of the Vancouver Zion Mission Choir, and Stephanie is its executive music director.

Last October, the 160-member Vancouver Zion Mission Choir performed a concert to raise cash to help buy an $117,000 RFA, or Radiofrequency Ablation system, for Surrey Memorial Hospital, and surpassed that by delivering a cheque for $161,340.

Doctors use RFA equipment to burn cancer cells in the esophagus where it meets the stomach.

It’s used to treat Barrett’s Esophagus, caused by stomach acid flowing back into the esophagus and damaging its lining. Some people with Barrett’s develop esophageal adenoncarcinoma, a particularly deadly cancer.

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