South Surrey MLAs (from left) Tracy Redies (Surrey-White Rock), Stephanie Cadieux (Surrey South), Jinny Sims (Surrey-Panorama) and Marvin Hunt (Surrey-Cloverdale).

South Surrey MLAs (from left) Tracy Redies (Surrey-White Rock), Stephanie Cadieux (Surrey South), Jinny Sims (Surrey-Panorama) and Marvin Hunt (Surrey-Cloverdale).

South Surrey BC Liberals spend the most in election

Surrey-Panorama Liberal candidate Puneet Sandhar tops the charts for South Surrey

Financial disclosures published Aug. 15 show that BC Liberal Party candidates in South Surrey spent the most on the 2017 election compared to their counterparts.

Surrey-Panorama BC Liberal candidate Puneet Sandhar led the pack, spending $171,542 to lose the May 9 election to NDP MLA Jinny Sims, who tallied $100,521 in expenses.

The biggest discrepancy between the two candidates was Sandhar’s $55,462 bill on media advertising, compared to Sims’ $2,210. Sandhar also spent $67,153 on newsletters and promotional material, while Sims’ spent $29,003.

Sandhar’s bill was paid in full by the BC Liberal Party. Sims fundraised nearly $13,000 of her expenses, with the BC NDP picking up the rest.

Sandhar’s bill was nearly doubled by a party colleague in a more northern part of the city. Surrey’s biggest-spending candidate was former BC Liberal cabinet minister Peter Fassbender, who dropped more than $317,000 to lose his Surrey-Fleetwood seat to BC NDP Jagrup Brar. Brar spent about $96,000.

Surrey South BC Liberal MLA Stephanie Cadieux spent $68,037 to secure the newly created seat, while her opponent, NDP candidate John Silviera, spent $19,690.

Cadieux – who’s bill was fully covered by the BC Liberal Party – spent $13,200 on media advertising and $19,128 on newsletters and promotional material.

Surrey-White Rock BC Liberal MLA Tracy Redies spent $76,215 to win the election. Her nearest opponent, New Democrat Niovi Patsicakis, spent $23,858.

Redies spent $15,244 on promotional material and $12,350 on media advertising, her two largest expenses. Patsicakis spent $120 on media advertising and $7,504 on promotional material.

Redies’ campaign was funded almost entirely by the BC Liberal Party. Patsicakis raised $1,459 and chipped in $727.70 out of her own pocket for her campaign; the rest of her bill was paid for by the NDP.

Surrey-Cloverdale BC Liberal MLA Marvin Hunt spent 15 times as much as the riding’s next highest spender. According to the disclosures, Hunt spent $84,308 to NDP candidate Rebecca Smith’s $4,860. Hunt spent $11,612 on media advertising while Smith spent $588. Hunt spent nearly $16,000 for promotional material and Smith claimed just under $1,300.