South Surrey woman issues spray warning

Car damaged at Five Corners in White Rock after power-washer hit car with debris

A South Surrey woman who says her car was damaged last week by someone power-washing at White Rock’s Five Corners is advising others who were in the same area to inspect their vehicles.

“He was hitting the fronts of all the cars and the windshields,” said Judy Taylor. “I even pulled a sharp rock out of my windshield wiper.

“People should be aware of what went on.”

Taylor said the damage occurred around 1 p.m. June 24. Her 2003 Jaguar now needs a new windshield, its hood repainted and the sides polished out, she said.

Taylor said she only noticed the myriad of tiny scratches and pock marks because she saw debris from the power-washing hit her vehicle.

If she hadn’t seen it for herself, “I could’ve driven my car for months and not known it,” she said.

“It just seems so unfair to all of these people.”