Surrey-Cloverdale: We ask your candidates…

Surrey-Cloverdale: We ask your candidates…

Provincial election hopefuls respond to PAN questionnaire

Peace Arch News reached out to all local provincial candidates running in the May 9 election.

We asked for their name, age and neighbourhood of residence, and for responses for the following questions:

1. What are the three most significant issues facing B.C. (max nine words total)?

2. What are the three most significant issues facing your riding (max nine words total)?

3. What have you done to make your riding a better place (max 30 words)?

4. Why should people vote for you (max 70 words)?

Candidates were advised that their answers would be truncated if they went over the allotted word count.

Here are their responses:

Marvin Hunt (BC Liberal), 65 Northwest Cloverdale

1. Debt, government and personal; economic growth; healthcare, improving efficiency.

2. Education, prioritizing students; Housing affordability, increasing supply; job growth.

3. Nine-year Surrey tax freeze. Since 2013, adding 2,480 new student seats in Surrey and committing 9,400 more, including two new Cloverdale schools. Created the Sustainable Region Initiative, as GVRD chair.

4. I have a consistent track record – spanning three decades – of standing up for everyday Surrey residents with common sense policies, responsible fiscal management and low taxes. I will work with my colleagues effectively and productively to ensure your taxes remain the lowest in Canada, and that each tax dollar is stretched to best benefit you, your family, and our community in Surrey-Cloverdale – giving our children and grandchildren an even better province.

Aleksandra Muniak (BC Green), 31 Cloverdale

1. Education; mental health/addiction; affordability.

2. Education; transportation; homelessness.

3. I advocate for issues including youth in care and mental health/addictions. Through business, I encourage youth engagement with skateboarding events that give a positive way to connect with the community.

4. I am an engaged leader who brings a fresh perspective to advocate for proactive solutions to keep Cloverdale a good place to live and work. I am driven to serve Cloverdale with honesty, accountability and dedicated leadership that we should expect. Electing me as your MLA guarantees Cloverdale does not have a party-whipped representative, who is not only committed but free to represent the needs of our community first.

Peter Poelstra (Libertarian), 19, West Cloverdale

1. Housing bubble; fentanyl crisis; overcrowded, overburdened school system

2. Housing prices; crowded roads; school choice.

3. I have always proven a willingness to jump in and help when the community needs a hand, and now I am jumping in to give our province a hand.

4. The BC Libertarian Party represents a viable alternative for British Columbians who are tired of the waste and inaction that past governments have presented. Once elected, I can fight in the Legislative Assembly for a government that respects the rights of its constituents and rejects ineffectual policies such as government monopolies, unwarranted taxation, and over-regulations that have held our province back.

Rebecca Smith (BC NDP), 46, Cloverdale

1. Making life affordable; improving necessary services; creating sustainable jobs.

2. Overcrowded underfunded schools; alleviating traffic congestion; accessible healthcare services.

3. Through my work with non-profit organizations over the last 10 years, I have fought for our rights and access to healthcare, mental health services and safe workplaces.

4. This election is about choosing our future: more of the same – higher costs, eroding services and less and less for the work you do – or, a better B.C. with John Horgan and the BC NDP. I commit to delivering a government that will make life more affordable, restore, protect and improve the services we depend on, and to creating good family-supporting jobs. I believe we can do this – together!

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