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Surrey councillor claims Fleetwood residents caught ‘off guard’ by corporate report

Council approved area plan boundary for Fleetwood that left many “scrambling” to understand, Pettigrew says

Surrey council approved an area plan boundary for Fleetwood that had left many residents of that community “scrambling” to understand, says Councillor Steven Pettigrew.

“Many in that community were caught off guard by the contents of this report,” Pettigrew said, prior to the Monday, Feb. 10 council vote.

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The councillor said city staff need to make corporate reports available to the public in a more timely fashion so residents aren’t “scrambling all weekend” to understand them.

“There should never be massive amounts of confusion,” he said.

“There must be a way to be able to release these a bit earlier, give the public more time, give council more time. The end result will be the same, but we’re talking about true transparency and consultation with the public.”

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