An firefighter braces a man's spine

An firefighter braces a man's spine

Surrey hit-and-run goes bad for teen driver

Two young Good Samaritans give chase to corral a fleeing 16-year-old back to the scene of a crash that trapped senior in his vehicle

Eric Gatey, 20, was chopping wood in the front of his parents’ Guildford home on Monday around noon when he heard the loud screech and crash.

He and his bud Casey Le ran out to see if everything was all right.

Just as they did, someone came running from the accident, shoulder-checked Le, and kept running. Someone from the accident yelled ,”It’s a hit-and-run, it’s a hit-and-run,” Gatey remembers hearing.

Gatey and Le ran in directions to cut off the fleeing 16-year-old male, and they were joined by two neighbours.

The teen put up a scrap when they grabbed him, yelling “f*%*ing let go of me.”

However, the group of four Good Samaritans took the teen back to the accident.

He was surrounded by onlookers when he went into his car, grabbed a bag of cash, and passed it to a woman in the crowd.

Witnesses say he asked for her number so he could get the cash back later.

The teen then grabbed a bag of marijuana from his car, witnesses say, and threw the bag – covered in blood – over a fence.

Police arrived and the woman who took the money gave it to RCMP saying she only held on to it so he wouldn’t run away again.

The series of events started at about noon Monday as the teen was heading westbound on 88 Avenue at 140 Street in a 2004 Toyota Camry, when a collision occurred between his car and a 1993 Buick  going north on 140 Street.

The injured teen got out and fled, leaving an 85-year-old man trapped in the Buick. The senior had to be extracted from the vehicle and was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Police said Tuesday they have recovered a bag with several thousand dollars in it, another bag with a small amount of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and five cellphones in the teen’s possession.

He was taken hospital, treated for minor injuries and brought back to police lock-up. He has since been released, but is likely facing several driving-related charges, along with drug-related offences.

Gatey said he’s still amazed at the events that took place outside his home Monday.

“Definitely only happens in Surrey,” Gatey said.

Police don’t recommend confronting people who may be involved in a crime, preferring instead to having witnesses observe and report.

Surrey RCMP Cpl. Bert Paquet said it’s fortunate that no one was seriously hurt in the accident.

The two Samaritans were key, Paquet said, in bringing the person who fled to justice.