Surrey-Panorama: We ask your candidates…

Surrey-Panorama: We ask your candidates…

Provincial election hopefuls respond to PAN questionnaire

Peace Arch News reached out to all local provincial candidates running in the May 9 election.

We asked for their name, age and neighbourhood of residence, and for responses for the following questions:

1. What are the three most significant issues facing B.C. (max nine words total)?

2. What are the three most significant issues facing your riding (max nine words total)?

3. What have you done to make your riding a better place (max 30 words)?

4. Why should people vote for you (max 70 words)?

Candidates were advised that their answers would be truncated if they went over the allotted word count.

Here are their responses:

Veronica Laurel Greer (BC Green), 37

1. Transportation; climate action; affordable housing.

2. Transportation, which includes ride sharing; child poverty.

3. I haven’t yet had the chance but when elected I have many ideas for listening to residents and tackling issues in my area.

4. I am not a politician. I am someone genuine who has stepped up to make a difference and be what people need in my riding instead of what political parties keep giving them. I am progressive and I think outside the box.

Puneet Sandhar (BC Liberal), 39, Chimney Hill

1. Growing B.C.’s economy; creating jobs; lowering taxes.

2. Supporting Surrey’s growth; investing more in services; creating jobs.

3. Community service has been important to me all my life. I have worked with many community groups such as Mayor’s Business Advisory Council and Surrey-Newton Notary Club to give back.

4. Surrey-Panorama is where my oldest daughter goes to kindergarten, and where I started my business. I understand the needs of our community and the importance of growing the economy so that we can create jobs and return the benefits of this growth through investing more in services and lowering taxes. As your MLA, I will always be available to listen, find solutions and get the job done.

Jinny Sims (BC NDP), 64, Surrey-Panorama

1. Affordability; better services; jobs.

2. Fixing education; affordable housing; better healthcare.

3. When president of the BC Teacher’s Federation, I worked for a better education system, our foundation. As MP, I advocated for constituents on jobs, immigration, women’s issues and labour codes.

4. As your MLA, I will work for you. For too long, Christy Clark and the Liberals have put those at the top first while ignoring the rest of us. The NDP will work for all British Columbians. We will improve health care for all, not just those who can afford private health care. We will remove the MSP, properly fund our classrooms and work to provide more affordable housing.

Liz Galenzoski (BC Refed)

– no response received –

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