Surrey-White Rock: We ask your candidates…

Surrey-White Rock: We ask your candidates…

Provincial election hopefuls respond to PAN questionnaire

Peace Arch News reached out to all local provincial candidates running in the May 9 election.

We asked for their name, age and neighbourhood of residence, and for responses for the following questions:

1. What are the three most significant issues facing B.C. (max nine words total)?

2. What are the three most significant issues facing your riding (max nine words total)?

3. What have you done to make your riding a better place (max 30 words)?

4. Why should people vote for you (max 70 words)?

Candidates were advised that their answers would be truncated if they went over the allotted word count.

Here are their responses:

Tom Bryant (Independent), 66 White Rock Centre

1. Government accountability; mishandling of government resources.

2. Government accountability; voter apathy; future development of all services.

3. Help in areas of concern for seniors, youth and concerned neighbours by working with my MLA to find solutions. Initiated plan to develop and complete a youth centre in Surrey.

5. The history of involvement in the initiation and completion of projects in all aspects of the public and private sector, strong work ethic, commitment to the working people I have represented. A desire to improve living conditions for those less fortunate. A respect for the individual beliefs of others. A commitment to less government involvement in the fundamental guiding principles of the community. As a representative of the constituents of –

Bill Marshall (BC Green), mature, Five Corners

1. Affordable housing; transportation; prompt health care

2. Affordable housing; health care; education, including daycare.

3. I support all businesses locally and only shop local when possible. I also act as an ambassador promoting the area throughout the U.S.

4. To vote for me is a vote for the BC Greens, the only rational party who will not accept donations from business, unions or non-B.C. residents. We will examine the lobby registry to insure no patronage. I will support seniors and others who need assistance to live in their own homes. We will add $100 million more over four years to hire and support more social workers.

Niovi Patsicakis (BC NDP), 64, South Surrey looking after my elderly parent in White Rock

1. Social/economic inequality; underfunding of education and healthcare; government corruption.

2. Hospital overcrowding; inadequate senior care; overdevelopment and inadequate infrastructure.

3. I have advocated for more funding for public education, holding community forums and writing letters to the editor. I have supported those who protested against dangerous train traffic, the friends –

4. I’m outraged that CC government is not working for the people and her government is riddled with corruption. It’s time for a party that puts people first. I am committed to ensuring that we build more schools and our hospitals are equipped to handle our aging population, and that people need jobs and affordable housing so that they don’t have to leave our community.

Tracy Redies (BC Liberal), 55, South Langley (we moved there a year ago as we needed space for our family of 6 and 4 dogs-previously have lived in White Rock and South Surrey over 20 years & raised our 4 kids there)

1. Diversifying & expanding our economy; healthcare sustainability; affordability.

2. Healthcare accessibility; school overcrowding; transit & transportation infrastructure.

3. I’ve employed a significant number of people, helped people buy homes and have provided financial services to many small businesses in this community.

4. South Surrey/White Rock has been the community where my husband and I started our life together – its where we raised and educated four children for over 20 years. We’ve been fortunate to see our four children thrive here, graduating from our local schools and playing soccer, rugby and hockey with our local community clubs. It would be a privilege to use my near 30 years of experience in financial –

Neighbouring ridings:

Surrey South