The 196 Street overpass crosses Langley Bypass as well as the railway tracks

The 196 Street overpass crosses Langley Bypass as well as the railway tracks

Two-thirds of ‘combo’ overpasses complete in Langley, Surrey

Massive project will provide three new ways to avoid longer and more frequent train traffic in area.

Two of the three “combo project” overpasses under construction in the Langleys and surrounding area are all but finished, while the third should be done by the end of July, according to a memo from the Township of Langley engineering division to council.

“Both the 196 Street and 54 Avenue overpasses have been substantially completed,” the unsigned March 28 document states.

But no date for an official opening to traffic has been set, the memo adds, noting the timing is up to the City of Surrey as the “project delivery agent” and the provincial ministry of transportation.

“Factors being considered include the completion of the connecting road network with the City of Langley and City of Surrey, as well as the completion of the 192 Street Overpass [expected on] July 31,” the memo goes on to say.

Work on the final stages of the 196 Street overpass project will mean evening shutdowns of Fraser Highway at Willowbrook Drive, Willowbrook Drive at 196 Street and 64 Avenue at 196 Street until the end of April.

The three “combo” overpasses in Langley and Surrey involve crossing of the railway tracks at  192 Street, 54 Avenue and 196 Street. They are part of the $307 million Roberts Bank Rail Corridor project to reduce congestion and the potential for vehicle collisions by building overpasses and directing commuters away from level crossings.

As well as the combo project, there is also the Glover Road/Mufford Crescent project, which is still under construction, and the 232 Street crossing north of Highway 1, which opened to traffic last month.

The Roberts Bank Rail Corridor currently carries up to 18 trains a day, ranging from 6,000 to 9,500 feet in length.

That is expected to become up to 38 trains daily by 2021 with some trains as long as 12,000 feet.

The corridor has about 66 rail crossings, including 12 overpasses, 38 public level crossings, and 16 private level crossings.

About 388,000 vehicles cross the tracks every day, a number expected to rise to 560,000 by 2021.