Water system a $3,000 lesson for White Rock seniors

Water system a $3,000 lesson for White Rock seniors

George and Doinita Fraser said filtration purchase left bad taste

It’s been more than a year since White Rock seniors George and Doinita Fraser spent $3,000 on a water-filtration system for their condo, but the sting of what they’re sure was a scam hasn’t lessened – and they want to spare others a similar experience.

The Frasers said last week that they were convinced that buying the system was a good idea when the salesman who visited “tested” the water coming out of their kitchen tap against bottled water that had apparently been through his ‘Reverse Osmosis Drinking System.’ They watched their own water turn a disturbing shade of dark green, while the bottled water remained crystal clear.

With George’s cancer diagnosis still fresh in their minds, the decision seemed like a good one at the time, they told Peace Arch News.

“For that, you are scared what water we are drinking,” said Doinita, describing George’s cancer journey as difficult.

They said they began to have doubts, however, after speaking with the City of White Rock’s utilities manager, and were told White Rock’s water is good. They were also warned that the system they paid for could explode, George said.

Wanting to cancel the deal – the contract said they had 10 days to do so if they changed their minds – the Frasers said they contacted the man who had sold them the unit, but after a few days, he stopped taking their calls.

“We said, ‘Come, remove,’” George said. “From that time, he don’t answer anything.”

After trying “everything” in the past year to recoup their costs – including seeking legal advice – and to have the unit removed, the Frasers paid a plumber last month to disconnect the system.

Noting the salesman had told of installing 300 such units in White Rock, George said they want people to be aware.

“This is a lesson for us,” he said. “People have to know.”