Michael Clement Bentley

January 5, 1933 – June 22, 2022
Michael Clement Bentley arrived on this earth on January 5, 1933. He came here to live happy and strong. His life was adventurous and creative.
Born and educated near Salisbury, England, he became a Bobby, the only one in the village where we lived, and raised Alsatian police dogs.
He met and married Jean, a nurse in the local hospital, had two children within two and a half years, then moved to Canada to join the Winnipeg Police Force.
The insurance business lured him to the West Coast, beginning as an adjuster and working his way up to management.
Michael and Jean worked hard, and both loved to make things by hand. Michael hooked all the room-sized rugs in the house, then got busy with needle-point pictures, and refinishing antiques. Together they created a warm and welcoming home wherever they lived.
They loved to dance and sing, and the music was always on, neighbours and friends welcome! They loved the music of their time, and dancing to it at the local clubs.
As square dancers, then ballroom dancers they combined their love of travel with dance. They were elegant and passionate, and often cleared the floor while other dancers watched.
Simple things in nature thrilled our dad. So many things caught his imagination! An avid gardener, dog lover, train enthusiast, knitter, lawn-bowler, whistler, fisherman, bird watcher, and cook; he lived a life of getting things done.
He had a strong work ethic and rose early to walk and exercise before he started his long days. Evenings were spent playing the keyboard or recorder, and also playing golf, field hockey and cricket.
Family activities were important to him; camping, hiking, and travelling. He read every day and taught us to love the library. A favourite activity was to pack up the car with fishing rods and books and head out for the day.
Always open to learning something new, Dad bought a boat, mooring it at the same marina as both his children, wanting to stay connected and be part of our changing lives. One summer they helped their best friends, Don and Donna Muirhead, build a log house on Sheridan Lake, making many visits for good times together.
When Michael and Jean retired they joined the local theatre groups in various communities, where Dad was an actor/singer and Mum the costume designer and seamstress.
Over the years Dad created two full replicas of the train station in Salisbury. He was busy laying track and painting miniature buildings until just a few weeks ago.
Michael was compassionate. Caring for others came naturally to him. At 18 his mum was widowed with a new baby. His older brothers were married, so Dad joined the army and sent his pay home. He cared lovingly for our mum, Jean, when she became ill and later passed away in 2007.
He also cared deeply for his new dance and life partner Jeannine, preparing all the meals, and making a beautiful home for them, as he always had done.
And suddenly he was gone. We had so many adventures with our dad. Our lives are not empty without him. They are, and will continue to be filled with the legacy of his life well-lived. His way of always looking forward, treating each day as a wonderful new adventure, lives strong within us.
Michael Clement Bentley leaves two very fortunate children to carry on where he left off: André, and Helen Venessa; also his loving daughter-in-law Kim; his partner Jeannine; his sister Lesley and family in Salisbury, England. We will be taking Dad home to Steeple Langford for a good-bye with family.
He will join The Hawkins’ clan and their partners at All Saints Church, where they were all married, and now will frolic together under the beautiful cherry tree. Dad was a long time supporter of The United Way. If you would like to make a donation in his memory, we would be most grateful.
We are so blessed to have known you Michael, our Dad.

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