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July 23, 2023
In loving memory ~
We are deeply saddened to announce the sudden passing of our beloved stepfather and grandpa, Paul Parent. Paul came into our life when he married our mother, Jane, 41 years ago. Throughout his time with us, Paul was a devoted husband, loving stepfather to daughters Carolyn and Janice, and amazing grandfather to his three grandchildren, James, Ian, and Erin.
Paul was an extraordinarily kind and selfless person, always going out of his way to do things for others and to make their lives easier. When his first grandchild, James, came along, he defined his role in the family by becoming the (beloved) and doting Grandpa. He gave the kids rides, took them to events, gave them the money from his recycle runs and fed them chips and pop. As the kids grew up, his wife Jane's health deteriorated and he devoted himself to being her primary caregiver, allowing her to live at home, with dignity and relative enjoyment of life.
Paul was loads of fun, a great friend, a casual gambler, and a card player, always likely to win. He was a very special person, quiet and unassuming, but always there for all of us. His passing leaves an unfillable void in our lives.
Through his marriage to Jane, Paul is survived by stepdaughters Carolyn (John) Latzen and Janice (Paul) Smith, and grandchildren James, Ian and Erin. Through his previous marriage, he is survived by his sons Gerry, Andre and Dellane.