Abortion debated


Re: Hiebert seeks more talk on abortion, Sept. 27.


Re: Hiebert seeks more talk on abortion, Sept. 27.

I am disappointed in South Surrey-White Rock-Cloverdale MP Russ Hiebert’s vote to resurrect the abortion debate.

He claims that only the Parliament is the appropriate forum to discuss the matter. His apparent attempt to conceal his conceivably anti-abortion views does not impress me.

Most members of the Parliament are men. I have the view that no man has a right to decide what is really a woman’s prerogative. Each and every woman should have complete control over her body.

Not even an Act of Parliament should legislate a woman’s body.


Wayne Sinclair, Surrey

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Twice I’ve had a miscarriage.

In that context, most people know that it is hurtful – and insulting – to say, “it was just a blob of tissues.”

Similarly, who would keep going to a midwife who said, “Just lie down and we’ll listen for the heartbeat of that blob of cells growing in you?”

Congratulations to MP Russ Hiebert for supporting Motion 312.

If Canada allows and funds abortions, it should be clear about exactly what is being done. Why be afraid of open, informed dialogue?

Christine Van Raalte, Surrey

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MP Russ Hiebert is abusing his parliamentary office to promote his personal anti-abortion agenda.

This issue has already been decided by the courts and the court of public opinion. He needs to respect these decisions or resign.

Aart Looye, Surrey

Symbolic vandalism

The group behind a roadside memorial drawing attention to abortion at 188 Street and Fraser Highway was planning to dismantle the respectful display Monday, but vandals got to it first.

I was notified Sunday morning it had been totally destroyed. Indeed, upon arrival it was clear that private property rights had been violated and the trespasser(s) had completely destroyed the abortion memorial.

This was a completely selfish act, which essentially symbolizes the tragedy of abortion itself.

Unfortunately, it is in the best interests of some to destroy that which is not wanted. The reaction towards our solemn memorial is in fact no different than some would react to the news that a child has been conceived; get rid of that which is not wanted.

The very reason we assembled this memorial was to draw attention to the plight of pre-born children and invite the community to join the conversation.

It’s unfortunate that some have taken it upon themselves to make their views known in such a selfish manner, rather than engage in civil, rational and respectful debate.

Mike Schouten, Surrey